End of the Day

End of the day starting to set in. Great Falls, Montana, from July 2010 Roadtrip. I miss you, Montana.


4 thoughts on “End of the Day

  1. Sonel says:

    What a great shot sweetie! Yeah, know that feeling. 🙂
    Hope you are not working too hard.
    Big hugs and lots of love!


    • Thanks honey! Just tired of constantly running is all. I feel I have no free time and that’s a bit draining. I’m going to have free time today, though, and enjoy it doing fun stuff with Hallie. Then Mama is coming over for lunch and we’ll all hang out and enjoy each other’s company while probably catching up on a couple of the cooking shows I record for us. *big squishy hugs and lots of love back to you* ~blowing a kiss~


  2. Geographic Designer says:

    Nice post! I just finished designing a poster for Montana. Check it out: http://50statesdesignproject.wordpress.com/2012/05/31/41-massive-montana/


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