Is That a Mirage?

Oh, dreaming of a cool pool. Wishing we had one. It’s absolutely miserable outside and I’m drained, wishing we had a pool like this in our back yard. We’d be living in it.  I’d settle for half this size.

This was one of the pools at the hotel we stayed at in Sedona, AZ, July 2010.

Hope y’all are having a wonderful weekend. We are on holiday, with Memorial Day weekend. Hugs sent out to all, especially all who have served and are still serving in the armed services. Remembering the fallen soldiers, who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. You will not be forgotten.



Author: Carol B Sessums

Writer, Editor, Coffee Addict, Lover of Mountains. Lives to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time.

4 thoughts on “Is That a Mirage?”

    1. I know, honey. It’s been miserable out there already. So happy for the awesome weather Friday and Saturday. A high of 76 on Fri and Saturday was a high of about 84. Today is supposed to be in the 90s, but hopefully, we can get our stuff done outside early and get back in under the a/c. Sending cooling thoughts your way. Just close your eyes and feel the gentle calm and coolness of the pool. Be in the pool, or drifting atop the water on a raft with your chilled lemonade in your cupholder. 😉 Visualize…


  1. Great post hon and I know how you’re feeling. I felt just like that in the day when we didn’t have a pool and it’s terrible when it’s so hot. Wishing you a great day sweetie. 🙂
    *big hugs*


    1. Thanks sister! One day, we will have a pool and we will make time to swim every day of summer. Oh, I look forward to that day when we have that pool. Even if it’s an above ground version, I don’t care. At least I can soak in it and perhaps lay on a raft in it. Hope you have an awesome day, Sophia! *hug* 😉


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