Final Day (10th day) of Tapping World Summit

Not what I expected but saved a lot on time today.  There were 2 small presentations.  One that lasted for just over a meager 4 minutes, and the other, lasting for about 30, given by the same person, Jessica Ortner.  If that last name sounds familiar, Nick Ortner, a Meridian Tapping Expert, happens to be her brother.

Personal Peace Procedure is the name of both presentations.  The first is merely the intro to the actual procedure.  She explains the importance of writing down anything that comes up while in the process of tapping.  So, if you are tapping on one thing, and all these issues surface, you are to stop, title the issue, write down the title, so later when you take the time to look at what you’ve written, the title will remind you of what surfaced, be it a memory, an emotion, an event.  So later when you have the time, you already have your title, you then write your memories, emotions, event, or whatever is in your mind holding you back with this issue.  Then you rate it 1-10.  She says once you write it down, it no longer has the same control over you that it previously had.  We can now look for a different angle and address it.

Create a time and space to go through the process of relaxing, writing and tapping, so that you will be alone and uninterrupted.  Late at night when everyone is asleep perhaps, or early in the morning before anyone rises.  She speaks of a 40 day cleanse.

I had figured I’d try it for 2 weeks and see what happens.  I’ll make a deal with you.  If I have any positive results after 2 weeks, I’ll continue on for a full 40 days and perhaps longer.  I’ll only blog about it for 2 weeks, though, unless you request I keep you updated further.

Jessica goes on to explain the significance of the 40 days.  She says the number 40 is significant in Christianity, Judaism and Islam.  Some theologists say it is meant to be a period of revival and renewal and that’s exactly what we’re doing.  40 will be a new chapter in our lives.  We have the power to break through what’s been holding us back and reach for more.  Expect more out of life.  Don’t live with pain, fear or guilt any longer.  It’s time to commit to let go of the baggage.  Lighten your load and be free.  What would you do if you were free from all your pain, fears and feelings of guilt?  That’s a really good question.

Ok, the second presentation goes through the relaxation process.  If you want the script of what all she goes through within this 30 minutes, please ask, and I’ll reply to your comment or else publish another post, depending on how many ask for it.  Just basically, she says to have some relaxation music in the background with maybe ocean waves.  The music in the background while she was talking ever so slowly and softly nearly put me to sleep.  You close your eyes, you relax, let your mind wander.  Deep breath.  Two more times.  Deep breath.  She talks about different issues in your life and your feelings, memories and emotions around each one, such as issues with financial health.  While relaxing, any issue that surfaces, she says to write it down with a title and come back to it later.  She goes through all the issues and your feelings on each, asking you to write down your titles.  Other issues would be relationships, love, your body, pain, anger, hurt, sadness, fear, guilt.

She then sort of goes through this manta with love, peace and light, which was somewhat cool, somewhat strange, more on the strange side.  I’ll admit, I’m sure it’s because I’m not used to this sort of thing and don’t know that it’s for me, just because I’m gonna feel so silly by saying this stuff.  I can get over the strangeness I feel about the tapping.  I do understand there are energy meridians in the body.  I’m totally a believer in acupuncture, as it’s helped me 100%, so I do believe in acupressure, and tapping is just that.  Let me just say I’m glad I’m going to be alone while I’m going through the motions.

She says 40 days, one step of action every day.  Clear one thing per day for 40 days.  I think I can tap on one thing, or maybe even two, per day.  That’s only a few measly minutes per day, compared to the time I’ve been investing in listening to the Summit.  I think I can do it.  I will do it.  Will you?

If you are interested in listening to Jessica’s presentation, just click the link below.  I believe they said they’d keep it open and ongoing.

TOPIC: INTEGRATION DAY – Bringing It All Together To Create the Life of Your Dreams
JESSICA ORTNER: Take everything you learned in the summit and integrate it at a deeper level by tapping along with this audio. When you need a reminder of all the amazing things you learned in this summit revisit this audio and reignite your passion to create the life you deserve.
BONUS: Personal Peace Procedure – In this revealing audio you will be guided to answer questions that will help you gain clarity on what is holding you back and what to target with your tapping. This powerful process will help you create an action plan to clearly identify and clear what is limiting you. You’ll leave the Tapping World Summit having not only made miraculous changes but also with a clear understanding of how to use EFT in your future for lasting personal peace.

And with that, I bid you a good night. Until tomorrow…
God speed and get tappin’,


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