Tapping World Summit – Day 8

Let me just tell you that I’m so excited to start the actual tapping exercises in just a few days.  Up to this point, I’ve been very standoffish and weirded out by the whole tapping idea, while still a bit intrigued, if you can understand.  Today’s last presentation has changed all that for me.

I’ll start with the first presentation.  Opening up Your Options – The Choices Method, with Pat Carrington.  It was interesting, sort of.  I like the way she goes about saying “I choose to…”  You take a sheet of paper, draw a vertical line down the center of the page.  Left column, write all the things you want to change or don’t like about yourself or your life, your pain, whatever.  Second column, you write “I choose ___.”  Example:  Left:  My back hurts all the time.  Right:  I choose to have a strong, flexible, healthy, great feeling back.  Note:  On right column, do not use negative words like “don’t” or “no”.  For example:  Don’t say “I want my back to stop hurting.”  or “I don’t want my back to hurt.”  Both are negative.  You want to use only positive.  She says go through a round of tapping negative at all the tapping points.  Then start over with only positive at each point.  Then, go through a round of negative at first point, positive at second and alternate till through.  Be very specific with what you want.  Don’t say, “I want to be happy.”

To me, it’s like the universe is your waiter, and he’s waiting at your table for your order.  You tell him, “I choose to have a healthy, strong, flexible, great feeling back.”  And the order is off!  That’s my interpretation, anyway.

Ms. Carrington was nice enough and gave plenty of info, but I do admit, I get bored fast going through all the tapping points with the statements, over and over again.  I think she only did it three times, but still.  I’m sure it’ll be easier when I’m alone and doing it alone with no one to guide me.  If you’d like to hear more tips and info, statements or tapping points, let me know.  I have some scripts I can run through with you, step by step.


The second presentation, and maybe my favorite, thus far, is Energy Medicine and Tapping:  A Perfect Marriage, with Donna Eden.  Ms. Eden was such a joy to listen to.  She came across as a fresh, free, energetic spirit.  I found myself alive and attentive and yes, even smiling, while listening to her audio.  I could hear her smile and her happiness come through, and it wasn’t a weird, kooky, airhead happiness.  It was fun and interesting, informative and intelligent.  I feel I’ve learned so much in just 46 minutes of listening to her, and she’s more than just tapping.  She’s about energy medicine.

She starts by explaining that all there is, is energy.  There is nothing else.  Tapping and energy medicine releases all the trapped energy in your body.  In order to remove blocks and stress and move forward in your life, you need for your energy to flow freely.  She teaches you how.  She had a practice for 23 years and did very well.  35 years ago, she was told by 5 doctors she would die.  She had Multiple Sclerosis.  She had a heart attack at 27.  She was allergic to everything except red meat.  Even eating organic vegetables put her in a coma.  Fast forward 35 years and she’s better than ever before.  She sounds amazing and I’m so ready to start the tapping and energy medicine routines that she talked about, and I will begin in 2-3 days.  She did not go through anything over and over, not tapping so much, but points to touch, press in, glide, moving energy, adjusting energy, aligning energy.  And it all made perfect sense to me.  She explained why this happens, why that happens, and it all clicked for me.  She’s one of the first, besides Nick, that didn’t sound strange and boring.  Not meaning to dis the others.  I will practice on what they preach, but I’m just expressing who I enjoyed and sorry that I didn’t enjoy them all.

If you’d like more info on her energy medicine and how to align what, let me know and I’ll give you the run through.  Very interesting indeed.  Oh, and another note:  If you do a certain energy exercise that I have in my notes (ask if you want it) when you feel an illness approaching like the flu, or a cold, or whatever, doing this exercise just a few times fast, will beat off the illness and you won’t get sick.  It expresses the sickness while getting your energy aligned and flowing where it belongs, making your body strong and healthy, fighting off illness.  Sounds cool, right?!

For tomorrow:

DAY 9    Try It On Everything: The Widespread Use of EFT
Presentation #1: EFT and Sports: The Mainstream Breakthroughs That You Can Use Today to Improve Performance
Presentation #2: Tapping Into Deep, Peaceful, Sleep and Overcoming Insomnia

C-ya t’morro’!  *hug*

– Carol


5 thoughts on “Tapping World Summit – Day 8

  1. Cee Neuner says:

    Donna Eden is such a sweetheart. I’ve been lucky enough to have taken classes with her and she is all about energy. She is the just fabulous!!!!


    • How awesome that must be to actually take classes with her. I can feel her energy and she’s sooo alive. Such an amazing presence, which we should all aspire to be. Very inspiring person, and I’m now looking forward to trying the energy medicine and the tapping after the summit is over.


  2. […] for getting certified in Eden Energy Medicine, the Tapping World Summit has been taking Place.   Adjusting Your Focus has been participating in the Tapping World Summit.   Adjusting Your Focus […]


  3. Judee says:

    I’ve listened to Donna Eden – long time ago – and she is a very special presense, just hearing her energises me! I’ll have to look into this, I remember the tapping as part of Energy medicine, but not the specifics. Thanks for the info you’re posting here. 🙂


    • I know, right? I felt the same way. I’m going to post later today on the specific tapping points, as my friend, Claudia, has asked where the meridians are located. I’m looking forward to the tapping exercise, now, thanks to Mrs. Donna. 😉


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