Tapping World Summit – Day 7

I’ll admit up front that today’s topics held absolutely no interest for me, whatsoever.  That being said, I listened to all of one presentation, while trying to stay awake, and maybe got ten minutes into the second one and could not keep my eyes open.

The first was “Manifesting Your Soul Mate (“Now!”) with Lindsay Kenny.  She touches on how tapping can help you move forward with your life but that first, you must clean up the past.  To clear out the baggage, the traumas, heart breaks, you tap every day.  First, work on the negative.  Get it out there.  Feel it.  Tap on it and clear it out.  Refill the spaces with positive feedback.  This is suppose to help you build healthier future relationships.  If you don’t clear out the old stuff, you drag your lack of trust, your self doubt, lack of commitment, lack of belief in yourself, disappointment in yourself and the other person – you drag it all with you into the next relationship.  Then, you wonder why the relationship failed, and it’s most likely due to the issues of past relationships that have distorted your focus.

We are supposed to tap through each relationship like an autopsy, picking apart the pieces one at a time and working on each issue.  What could we have done differently?  With the traumas themselves, we can tap on all of them at the same time and clear them all out.  The fear, the hurt, etc. – tap it all away.  We are to write down the last five relationships that really hurt us.  Their name = ______.  Write down 2 or 3 things they did, cheated, misled you, lied to you, betrayed you, made you sad, write emotions or event, then the limiting belief you tied to the event, such as “all men are idiots”, “all women cheat”, whatever it is, along with the emotions you felt or feel.  Not so much an essay, just a few words.  Rate the feelings 1-10. 

Go through the tapping with the negative statements, then the positive.  Perhaps if the number is high, say 7-10, you should do 2-3 rounds of negative, then do a round or two of positive.  Then rate how you feel about it again.  You are trying to clear out the negative and refill with positive.  Focus on your intention of clearing out/cleaning out the bad feelings associated with the break up or death, or whatever happened to damage you. 

It’s ok to grieve.  It’s not ok to continue to grieve the rest of your life.  That’s not living. 

And most importantly, when it comes to dating or just getting out there and meeting people, don’t forget to just be yourself.  Faking it is not going to get you the relationship you desire and deserve.  You will have to relax and be yourself eventually.  Not being yourself is lying.  You want someone to love you for you, not the you that’s pretending to be someone or something you’re not.  And also realize that you cannot change someone else, no matter how much you love them or believe you can fix them.  Believe me, I’ve tried this and it simply does not work.


Finding Peace with Bad Breakups and Letting Go of Old Relationships was the next presentation, with Rick Wilkes.

He explained that we connect on different levels.  We feel relationships differently in our bodies.  Either you are a warrior and you have the walls up (that would be me) or you are a lover (a co-creator) and you long to share your life with someone else.  Tapping helps recover and learn to thrive as who we are and what kind of people we are.  

And honestly, that’s about as far as I got before my eyes started closing.  I just could not listen anymore.  I did the marriage thing once and learned it is just not for me.  It’s not for everyone.  Life should not be a chore every single day.  You should not dread going home every day.  I have the life I want now.   You should find the life you want.  There really is happiness out there, with or without being in a relationship.  Oh, and my own personal bit of advice.  If you can’t be happy with yourself, you can’t bring happiness to someone else.  Find your happiness.  Seek and you will find.

C-ya tomorrow.  Long weekend.  Long day.  I’m going to bed early.



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