Tapping World Summit – Day 6

Welcome. So, the first presentation I listened to was The Secret to Overcoming Procrastination (It’s Easier Than you Think), with Kate Beeders. I found this topic to be of particular interest, because I know of not one person on the face of the earth that does not procrastinate about something. This “what I call disease of the brain” affects everyone on some level. Can you admit you suffer from this disease? I totally can. Procrastination is simply having something you need to do or want to do, yet you put off doing it, for whatever reason, for hours. Hours turn into days, into weeks, months, and even years, until one day, you realize you’ve lost complete focus of your dreams, and even your family. We put off doing our taxes. I know I have. We put off dental checkups. I’ve done that, too. We put off balancing our checkbooks. I balance mine every day, but many people get days and even weeks behind, maybe longer. What about that vacation you really need to take? Planning for retirement? It’ll be here before ya know it. I’m talkin’ to me here. I had started a great retirement plan, until I got laid off a year ago. I had to use all my retirement. Now, it’s gone. My new job is awesome, but has NO retirement plan. It’s up to me to rebuild that. I wonder how long I’ll put it off, because “I’ll get around to it one day.” What’s that saying? The road to hell is paved with good intentions? We need to stop saying “one day” and get to it now. Again, talkin’ to me.

Why do we put the stuff off? We are overwhelmed with all we have to do. We are tired. We don’t want to face it. Fear. We get distracted by the shiny new toy or whatever. We ALLOW ourselves to get distracted instead of focusing where we need to focus and get the thing done. We fear “what if.” We are afraid to make a decision, because we start thinking of all the wrong decisions we’ve made, instead of the right ones we’ve made. We’re hard on ourselves.

Do you want to get unstuck? Yes, I do! Take that big hairy monster of a project and break it up into small easy bites. Commit to timing yourself. Give yourself 5 or 10 or 15 minutes to work on one thing or one part of a project. When the timer goes off, stop. Once you have accomplished what you set out to do that day, reward yourself for a job well done. Even if one small step of the project. We really are capable of doing great things. There is honestly nothing we cannot do. We just need to get motivated and get it done. Prioritize and put those things on your list that HAVE GOT to be done that day and do the most important first. Then, move on to the next. Everything in order. Don’t fill up your list so full of unimportant things that you become too overwhelmed to even look at the list. That’s been my problem. I must think I’m this sort of superwoman or something, putting all this crap on my daily planner, knowing full well I won’t do half of it! It’s like we set ourselves up for failure. I’m not sure why. Anyway, we are supposed to visualize our task being completed and feel the feeling associated with being finished. That’s supposed to motivate us. Set deadlines and set your deadline a day or two before it’s actually due, so you won’t be stressing till the last minute, plus you’ll be done early. Time to celebrate YOU! Victory is yours! When you succeed in accomplishing that task, victory really is yours. We can all do it. Will we choose to do it? And we are supposed to tap on it twice a day, usually at the beginning of the day. If you need more instruction on the tapping exercise, let me know. I’ll give step-by-step.

The second presentation was Why Perfectionism Might be Ruining Your Life, with Mary Ayers. You can check her out at http://www.tapintoaction.com. I’ll have to check it out “later”, one of those procrastination terms. 😉 Actually, I only got 7 minutes into the audio and then POOF! It was 7:00 Central time, which is 8:00 Eastern time, which means the audio becomes GONE! It stopped itself. You can’t listen to it anymore, because then the next day’s audio is up and the previous day’s is gone. I didn’t miss out on a lot, but I’m sorry I can’t share more with all you perfectionists out there.

The difference between a perfectionist and procrastinator? A perfectionist will never admit to being a procrastinator or to being a slacker. They are simply just trying to get it right. A procrastinator will admit to being a slacker. A perfectionist sets a very high standard, an unachieveable standard for him or herself, as well as everyone else. Perfectionism does not exist. Say it with me, all you perfectionists. Perfectionism does NOT exist. Get over it. You can’t get it perfect. We will never get to perfect. We are humans. It simply does not compute. Deal with it. Accept yourself. However, you can strive for excellence. Everyone can reach for and grab excellence. Perfection will never be attainable. So, quit worrying about what others think. This is your life. Your journey. Just try to get your stuff done and out of your mind. Work on it. Baby steps. Talkin’ to me, too. It doesn’t matter what others think about what you do or don’t do or how you do it. It’s your thing and they don’t have to understand it. We all are on our own different journey and once we all realize this and quit worrying so much about what others think, the better off and much happier we will be. Might we actually attain some peace?


DAY 7 promises us:
How to Create the Relationship of Your Dreams with Tapping

Presentation #1: Finding Peace with Bad Breakups and Letting Go of Old Relationships
Presentation #2: Manifesting Your Soul Mate (Now!)

I’ll try to keep my ears open for this one and pay attention, not so much for me, as I could not care less about these, but I’ll try to take good notes for you. 😉

G’nite! 😉 *hug*



Author: Carol B Sessums

Writer, Editor, Coffee Addict, Lover of Mountains. Lives to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time.

2 thoughts on “Tapping World Summit – Day 6”

  1. I’ve learned that focusing on just one thing at a time does get things done. I’m terrible about procrastinating and my lists get way too long, but when I just focus on whatever is important for that moment, I get more done than if I try to do it all and give up.


    1. I have learned this valuable lesson, as well. It does help to focus on one thing to not get so overwhelmed. Girl, I’m horrible at procrastinating, too, and my lists just seem to grow and grow. I get to the point some days, where I just say to heck with it. I’m doing the 5 or so things I HAVE to do today and the rest can wait. I’m tired. Yeah, I think we all need to learn to just write down the HAVE to do’s in one column and the other stuff that can be postponed in another, and put off the 2nd column until we have time and the energy to tackle those. 😉


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