Day 5 of the Tapping World Summit

Welcome to Day 5 with two new presentations.  We start with Steve Wells on Food Cravings and How to Take Control.  Steve talks about how we link our emotions, underlying issues and depression with food.  We use food to cover, mask or suppress these issues.  Cravings, anorexia, and bulimia are just a few issues that we have with food that are related to our emotions.  We are eating to catch a buzz or gain a taste of whatever we are craving.  Such as chocolate.  When we crave chocolate, then we taste the chocolate, do we not get a sort of buzz from it?  A joy?  That wonderful, creamy, smooth, delicious flavor!  It satisfies the craving.  At least for a little while.

This was a bit confusing for me, since sometimes I want a taste of chocolate because I love it, and I’ve read that when you crave chocolate, it’s partly due to your lack of magnesium in your blood.  Chocolate carries magnesium and supplies your body with it.  Also, what about cravings when you are preggers?  I know when I was pregnant, I craved certain foods (steak, marinated with Dale steak sauce, with Dale steak sauce on the side, salad, skim milk, salad, lettuce and salad).  Did I mention lettuce?   Oh, and as soon as Hallie sprouted teeth, lettuce has always been one of her favorite foods.  What about pregnancy cravings?  Is this supposed to be related to emotional issues?  All I know is that is what she asked for, so that’s what I ate.  There must have been a reason I craved these things.  Ok, I’ll put pregnancy cravings aside.  I’m rambling anyway.  Back to the pres…

He says with tapping, it’s not so much about the certain words you use, but you can activate the craving or bring down your stress if you tap daily.  You are to think about the food you are craving, imagine it’s flavor, the joy and satisfaction it brings you.  You can tap on any of the points or meridians or chakras (whatever you choose to call them) on your body (it doesn’t matter which one/s).  You focus on the food, saying how much you love it, describe it’s flavor, what you love about it, how it makes you feel, etc.  This is supposed to release your craving, letting it out, letting it go, dismissing it.  Are ya with me?  Whatever emotions or feelings come up, begin tapping on those immediately, because the food you were describing is most likely related to that issue that came up for you – the most intense issue.  And if there are more than one, then address those issues, as well, releasing those from your body, while tapping.  If you need an example of set up statements and tapping statements and points, let me know.

He says to tap daily anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour.  Now, I don’t know what your schedule is like, but mine is chaotic and I do not have 15 minutes to an hour to tap on food related issues.  When this Summit is over, I am allotting myself to tap 5-10 minutes per day on the issues I have.  So, perhaps 2-3 minutes here for one issue.  2-3 minutes here for another issue.  I’ll fit it in, while still getting up early to actually go through the tapping exercises, but I don’t have time to devote 15 minutes per issue.  If you have the time, that’s awesome!  Go for it.

The one thing that I found quite odd about his presentation is when he tapped, he expressed his feelings in both positive and negative manners during the same statements.  Isn’t THAT confusing?  He explains it’s good to do this ‘opposites approach’ and to keep going back and forth with those statements – that it’s very effective.  How can it be releasing the negative and refilling with positive if you are saying both at the same time?  I have no idea.  However, I will try anyway, because what do I know?


The next presentation was Body Image and Weight Loss:  Something That Finally Works, brought to by Carol Tuttle, and you can check out her website, if you like, at  I’ll stop over later and check it out when I have more time.

Carol says to stop telling your body it can’t be loved until it changes.  The negative things you express about your body and tell your body – you are saying to your self, and it’s degrading.  She’s right about that.  We don’t need anyone to beat us down or beat up our self esteem.  We are pretty good at doing that all by ourselves.  She touches on some very interesting ideas and they all sound right on target to me.  As we should not judge others, we should also not judge ourselves.  If you tell a young child, say about 5, that he or she is not loveable or beautiful or acceptable or appreciated until they lose 5 pounds or do something with that hair or ___, or ___, how do you think that child will feel?  They’ll feel abused and worthless.  That’s what you are doing to yourself.  We need to nurture our bodies, our minds, our souls/spirits.  We should cherish ourselves.

When you degrade your body, it compromises your other body systems and they cannot perform at an optimum level, because it takes on that lie.  Yet we expect so much from our body, and we ask it, “Why aren’t you performing better?!”  “Why won’t you lose weight?!”  We need to accept our bodies the way they are.

Acceptance does not mean we are settling.  Acceptance is an invitation to start loving yourself and, in that, as you embrace yourself in love, you open the energy for change to occur, so you have to interpret what you mean by accepting your body.  It’s inviting it, allowing it, supporting it.  Love, honor and accept your body and wanting it to be at its optimum health, wellness and appearance.  When you love your body as if it were a child you adore, it performs better.  If you have positive body image, you have higher self esteem.  When you have low body image, lower self esteem, and then you look for esteem from others, which is unhealthy and this usually results in relationship problems.

You are already beautiful.  Own it!

She goes through the tapping, voicing the negative, releasing it, then goes back and fills in those spaces with positive.  I’ll find out if it works for me at the end of the summit.  I could go on and on about Ms. Tuttle’s audio, as I did get a good bit of interesting information, but this post is already long enough.  If you wish for me to expand anywhere, let me know.

*tap*tap*tap*  You still there?  😉

On ‘tap’ for tomorrow:  (getting old already, huh?  Ok, I’ll stop)


Procrastination and Perfectionism: The Two Most Common Blocks To Moving Forward
Presentation #1:  The Secret To Overcoming Procrastination (It’s Easier Than You Think!)
Presentation #2:  Why Perfectionism Might Be Ruining Your Life

Those sound awesome to me.  Especially #1!!!  C ya there?

I’ll be posting late tomorrow.  Got a lot planned.  For those of you who are celebrating Mother’s Day tomorrow, bless you all, and have a splendorific Mother’s Day!!!!  *hug*

– Carol


Author: Carol B Sessums

I'm a person just like you who wants to find ways to better my life - not to just better myself, but to become extraordinary and to love my life.

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