Tapping World Summit – Day 3

Well, I had the best of intentions to listen to both presentations yesterday and post on them, but work picked back up and I did not get to listen to all of both of them.  I did listen to one early in the morning.  The other, I tried to listen to at work but only was able to get 13 minutes in with the 40+ minute presentation.  Honestly, I think if work had not picked up, I would have fallen asleep listening to it, since it could not hold my interest at all.  I’ll explain further…

The second presentation, which I only listened to for 13 minutes, was Overcoming Resistance and Fear Around Sales and Growing your Business with Pamela Bruner.  First of all, I am not into sales nor do I run my own business any longer.  In this day and age of the economy, my service-minded legal business just doesn’t make sense anymore.  I ran the business for years, making excellent income.  However, almost no one is hiring freelance paralegals, legal secretaries or videographers anymore.  I would consider starting up another business (not in the legal field) one day, but for now, I have a job I truly enjoy, I can pay the bills, and that’s the only business I’m thinking about at this point.  Honestly, I don’t have time to think of another business.  “To every thing there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.”

I had the best of intentions, though, with this audio.  I figured, “Well, if I don’t have time to finish listening to it at work, I’ll try to find the time after I get home when Hallie goes to bed.”  By the time supper was finished and I spent what felt like hours washing dishes, bedtime had arrived and I was exhausted.  Getting up earlier and earlier trying to get these presentations listened to has really whooped my butt.  I went to bed, thinking, “Ok, I’ll get up extra early, finish listening to the audio, report on both, then start listening to the next day’s presentations.”

Do you get what I was not getting?  It did not dawn on me that Day 3’s audios would not be accessible any longer.  They replace the previous day’s presentations with the new day’s audios.  Each audio is only good for 24 hours.  Duh.  Could have been a blonde moment on my part.  Could be that I was too tired to even think.  Oh well.  At least it’s not something I was overly interested in.  That’s the good part.  Sorry, I failed to listen to all of it.  What did I get out of that 13 minutes?

Quit planning and talking about what you are going to do or what you want to do, and take action.  Don’t tell someone your plans or write down your plans, especially if you have already had it in your head for a while.  As Nike would say, “Just do it.”  That spoke to me, as I am a really big planner, with my dayplanner I carry with me everywhere, all my lists.  Gotta have my lists.  The problem with that is I can write things down all day long.  That doesn’t get them done.  Especially if I don’t take the time to look back at my lists later in the day.  I mean, what’s the point?  Oh, I intend to take care of those items.  But, this gets in the way.  That gets in the way.  I don’t take the time.  Anyway…

She spoke on limiting beliefs that hold us back from taking action, such as identity conflict, fear of rejection, fear of being misunderstood, as well as others.  She talks about reframing.  Reframing is an empowering alternative belief, changing your thought from negative to a more positive easier to deal with sort of statement.  For more info on this, please see http://makeyoursuccesseasy.com/blog/creating-empowering-reframes-eft-tapping-tips.  The rest of the stuff she talked about was solely based on business and client success (the part I listened to, anyway), and how to grow your business, etc.


The first presentation was a little interesting, but she was super excited and that turned me cold just a bit.  I’m more into listening to someone who sounds grounded, normal, down to earth.  I don’t get into all this “Oh yeah!”  “Amen!”  “Woooo-hooo!”  Ok, she didn’t say “Woooo-hooo!”  But, when I’m trying something new, that seems a little ‘out there’ to begin with, I want the person to sound normal, not weird or crazy, or else it’s just a turn off for me.  I suppose I should tell you what the presentation is, huh?

Speeding up the Transition from Debt to Wealth by Margaret Lynch.  A 44+ minute presentation.  She talks on how our emotions drive our behavior and that runs how we operate.  We are programmed from childhood a feeling about money.  Money is ingrained in us – it is a metaphor for our personal power.  Do we manage money or avoid it?  You are supposed to write down a statement, then say it aloud:  “I have $____ (you fill in blank) in debt.”  Notice your feelings/emotions that appear immediately.  Do you feel fear?  Anxiety?  Depression?  Then give a statement on how it makes you feel, such as “I am a loser.” or “I am powerless when it comes to money.” or “It’s never enough.”  She says we have the power to change it.  You can eliminate debt and build wealth.  You can feel safe, secure, feel freedom, empowered.  Wealth is a result of your income, plus money management activity.  You could start out wealthy, be a terrible money manager, and wind up penniless because of it.  We have to learn how to manage it.

First, we have to create more income, by getting out there in the world and sharing our gift with others.  But what if we don’t know what our gifts are?  Are we supposed to tap on that, too?  Sorry.  Then, you manifest your mission.  Giving your gift exchanges energy with the universe.  When we tap, we express our negative emotions, and the tapping releases the negative.  Then, you continue several rounds after you’ve released the negative and do some reframing statements/tapping.  You want to change your vibe.  Tapping brings your energy up.

I still don’t know about all this tapping stuff.  I’m only a few days in, I know, and I’ll keep doing it for a couple of weeks and see what happens.  But, it does feel weird, weird, weird to me.

Ok, later today, I’ll be listening to and posting on Day 4, which is Healing Pain from your Childhood with Terri Cole and How your Identity Rules your Life with Brad Yates.  Well, these should be very interesting indeed.  More to come…


Author: Carol B Sessums

Writer, Editor, Coffee Addict, Lover of Mountains. Lives to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time.

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