A-Z Archive: R! Challenge

Really Rockin’ Fireworks Extravaganza!  It’s sort of cheating, I know.  Had to think o’ somethin…

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Another trip down memory lane.  This was one of the many fireworks shows at Epcot, I think it was, while we were at Disney in 2008.  Enjoy!

If you’d like to join us in this entertaining weekly challenge, or see more amazing shots, the A-Z Archive is led by frizztext:


Oh, and I’m workin’ on my Day 3 of the Tapping Summit post.  More to follow…

Y’all have a great evening!  *hug*



Author: Carol B Sessums

Writer, Editor, Coffee Addict, Lover of Mountains. Lives to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time.

15 thoughts on “A-Z Archive: R! Challenge”

  1. We were at disney 2008.end june start of july. Those epcot shows are my mostest favourites. .. Manage to get some movies and piccies as well. fab,,,;) great post even it you did bend the rules heehee!


    1. We nearly ran into each other there, didn’t we? We were there in the beginning of October 2008. Oh, I know. The Epcot shows were totally awesome, right?! Took our breath away. I think we watched those fireworks until everyone went to bed. 😉 I sort of wish I had taken some videos. My digital camera was new and I didn’t even know I could take a video with it. 😦 Man, I sure did take enough pictures, though. I think I was drivin’ ’em crazy with my camera and askin’ strangers to snap our pictures for us and I love how they staff photographers throughout Disney taking random photos of you. tehe! Thanks, Gerry. 😉 *hug*


      1. Our video camera’s battery died, but I took a chance with my camera, switched it onto video mode and took some decent minutes of the fireworks and laser and music. But our best this time round was the July 4th show at Magic Kingdom, Fantastic and never seen better..always caring..;)


      2. You are very smart, indeed. I wish I had read my instructions or at least studied my camera a bit before we got out to Disney. I had just ordered the camera a week or two before we left. Aw, I bet that July 4th show was spectacular! They know how to put on a show, don’t they? Can hardly wait to go back. Did y’all check out Harry Potter Themepark? I can’t remember if we talked about that.


      3. I must admit it took a little time to realise my camera’s video mode.
        The Harry potter park was supposed to open Easter 2010, we arrived in Orlando the Wednesday following. harry potter was on our agenda. When we got to Universal we found it’s opening had been delayed a few weeks, due to unforeseen problems. So we missed, we were pretty pi..ed off as one can imagine, But we enjoyed our visit anyway as we always did. This was also the week the Icelandic Volcano eruption caused so much problems. My brother in law was stuck there for another two weeks, we were okay. always caring 😉


      4. That’s a bummer y’all didn’t get to experience HP Themepark. I would have been pi..ed off, too, man! I know y’all enjoyed yourselves, anyway, as there is soooo much to see and do and EAT! Those are some of the best restaurants I’ve ever had the joy of experiencing! The food is FINE! And the atmosphere at all of them was amazing. Of course, we loved everything about Disney, and one day, will go back, hopefully sooner rather than later. It seems as soon as I’m caught up with bills and can afford to start saving a little, something breaks and I have to come up with the rest of my pennies to buy a new appliance. 😦 I mean I’m happy that I’m employed now and can afford to buy a new gas range but I hate using every bit of “fun” money on it. Oh well, I’ll get paid again soon and can afford to sock some away towards our next vacation. Baby steps will eventually turn into enough funds to go…somewhere.

        So sorry to hear that your brother-in-law was stuck out there during all of that. It lasted for a while, didn’t it? Glad y’all were ok. That was quite an ordeal.

        *hug* Love u, brother!


  2. My brother in law might have got back earlier if his wife hadnt panic’d and took the first offer given. But to spend a month in florida would do me. But yes Carol, HP did not ruin any thing, we always love our hol’s in Florida, Just love the place. Many more memories to put on post,, teehee! thanks so much I am truly honoured,,, till next time..;) squidge’


    1. I know, right?! “Many more memories to put on post.” Indeed. I’m making plans to get back to Disney, but it’ll probably be a while. It really is beautiful and fun down there. *squish* 😉


      1. Good luck on a re-visit, it looks a long way for us, money being quite tight these days. I need a dose of Disney I watch my videos etc. Yes if I recall there are a few tales we post on site, not just personal but interest for others as well. Orlando International Airport 2003. 😉


      2. Oh, we’ll get out there one day. Like you, it will most likely be a while, as money is tight with us, too. Man, I need a dose of Disney, too. We just love the place! When I look at the photos of our vacation there, I yearn to go back immediately. I am off to check out your blog today, as I have found a few free moments at work today. Wow! Free moments?! Wooo-hooo! 😉


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