Tapping World Summit – Day 2

Day 2 covered, again, 2 topics.  The first was with Gwenn Bonnell on Physical Pain and the Emotion of Resentment:  a Surprising Connection.

Ms. Bonnell says that resentment manifests in slowing you down from moving forward in life.  The highest reason for alcoholics to drink is resentment.  85% of emotional stress leads to pain caused by resentment.  Negative emotions…  feeling stuck… — you get stuck due to negative emotions like resentment.  We need to live in the present, and leave the past behind us, forgiven and not dwelled upon.  We need to learn to just let it go and free our body, mind and spirit.

Yeah, I can see that.  I can agree with all that.  Except for the addictions part.  I’ve never had an addiction really.  I mean, I used to smoke years ago, but I’m not sure that I was addicted.  So, I’m not sure I fully understand the addiction part.  Well, maybe I could have a food addiction.  I do love to eat and I don’t have to be hungry.  Hmmm.

She tapped globally on resentment – 3 rounds of tapping.  Globally, meaning tapping on everything resentment, such as addictions, pain, overeating, alcoholism, not accepting of what’s going on in our life, not accepting of our life, etc.  If there is one specific resentment you want to focus on, then tap on that.  While tapping, other resentment issues may surface and you can tap on that.  When tapping on a specific resentment, be clear of who you are resentful of or at, why you feel the resentment (the cause, reasons), how the resentment affects you (your ambitions, self esteem, financial security, loss of control, personal relationship).  First rate it from 1-10.  Then tap.  Then rate again with 1-10.

I just listened and didn’t tap, because at the moment, I could not think of anyone I felt resentment for.

I felt Ms. Bonnell was somewhat easier to listen to than the last one from yesterday.  She didn’t repeat sequences more than 3 times.  Sometimes, she only went through it once.

Her audio presentation lasted a little over 51 minutes.

The next presentation was with Nick Ortner on A Faster Solution:  Understanding and Healing Pain and Illness.  His audio lasted 45 minutes.

He explains tapping as a tree:  The leaves are the side effects, branches are emotions, the trunk serves as the events that are related to pain, and the roots are our limiting beliefs, such as “My back is always going to hurt.”

You can start anywhere you like.  He starts with the diagnosis, such as a slipped disk in your back.  I don’t know how detailed you want me to be with this, so I’ll just skip all the statements and points of tapping.  If you want me to explain further, just ask and I will.  He simply goes through the steps twice, which is a relief for me, as I do not care for repetition.  And then ends with a deep breath.

He further explains to do this for 5-10 minutes whenever you experience pain or illness; longer if you need to.  Nick told some amazing stories of different people experiencing relief from pain and illness with the tapping on Resentment, Pain and Illness.

So far, I found Nick Ortner the most pleasant to listen to.  He was straight forward, didn’t really drag anything out, made the tapping more easily accessible, he explained everything very well, and didn’t sound like he was into new age craziness.  I don’t want to call this new age, but it does feel a little weird or crazy.  A little less crazy, though, with Nick.

So, my back pain is never severe, plus it comes and goes, and I feel certain it’s due to my bad posture and my chair at work that’s not particularly user-friendly.

I will continue to tap on the ones from yesterday, as I am overwhelmed much of the time, and see how that goes.  I am a little embarrassed to say it, but I am feeling less overwhelmed today and I was less overwhelmed yesterday afternoon, as well.  While driving home, there was this horrible car accident on the interstate (so bad that it made it on to a couple of local tv stations), and I was stuck in traffic for quite a while.  I shut off the engine, prayed for the people involved in the accident, then just sat there texting my closest friends and family, checking my emails on my phone, etc.  I wasn’t really stressed about getting home, cooking a big meal, cleaning, prepping for the next day, etc.

I eventually made it home, cooked a nice meal, enjoyed my daughter, did a quickie blog post, prepped for the next day, pretty much all stress free.  Normally, I’m running around like a cat on a hot tin roof.  But not yesterday.  Could it have been a result of the tapping?  Could it be that I was just a bit more relaxed?  I’ll say, for now, it was the tapping, because it’s most uncommon for me to not be stressing once I finally arrive home from work.  Always sooo much to do and not much time to do it, and that stresses me…usually.

Today, I must say I’m chillin’.  Not much work today, which is quite strange, but I’ll take it, as it allows me to blog and read others’ blogs, so I’m definitely not complainin’.  That could be why I’m chillin’ – because yesterday and today are a bit slow.  That very well could be.  But could there be something to all this tapping?

Check with me tomorrow and I’ll fill you in on the next day’s presentations.  What’s up for tonight/tomorrow morning?

You Deserve More: How to Create Your Financial Success

Presentation #1: Speeding Up the Transition From Debt to Wealth

Presentation #2: Overcome Resistance and Fear Around Sales and Growing Your Business

I am most interested in listening to THESE!!!  No harm in listening and doing a little tapping if it’s actually going to help.  I guess we’ll see.

C ya t’morra.  😉

– Carol


Author: Carol B Sessums

Writer, Editor, Coffee Addict, Lover of Mountains. Lives to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time.

4 thoughts on “Tapping World Summit – Day 2”

  1. Lovely post once again hon. Sounds very inspiring and interesting.

    Addiction comes in many different forms, and while some people are addicted to physical things, others can be addicted to emotional or other types of stimulation. Someone is addicted when they are compelled to use something over and over that may be harmful. There are even people who are addicted to excercise.

    The tapping sounds like fun. Wonder if it will help for my temper? LOL!
    Have a great day hon!
    *big hugs*


    1. Thank you, Sophia. It is interesting to me, too. I hope I have good results with it. I hope others have many positive results with it. Time will tell. Just trying to practice every day for a couple of weeks to give it an honest chance.

      Oh, I understand what addiction is on an intellectual level, as my dad was an alcoholic and one of my brothers has many addictions (alcohol, drugs, trashy and crazy women). I know there are sooooo many kinds and types of addictions (good and bad). I suppose what I meant to say was that I don’t understand it on a relatable or personal level, since I’ve never really had an addiction. There are different levels of “getting it” or understanding addiction, but I think no one can truly understand it unless they have lived through an addiction. Just my opinion.

      And yes, I’ve known several people who are addicted to exercise and for the most part, live at the gym.

      The tapping, for me, is still a bit strange, to actually go through the activity of tapping, plus saying the statements out loud. I don’t know which part is more disturbing for me. The first day’s presentations, that Stacey person, just grated on my nerves so much, because of the 6 or 7 sequences that she went through, plus the statements she was saying were sort of crazy. Mama said she would have to tap on the anger, resentment and frustration she felt just from listening to Stacey. lol!

      The others haven’t been quite as bad. In fact, Nick Ortner was nearly a pleasure to listen to. He sounded a bit more grounded than the others, so far. The one I listened to this morning wasn’t too bad and I am about to plug in and listen to the second presentation for the day.

      Yeah, you and I both should tap for our tempers. Girl! I need to get that big hairy monster under control. 😉

      You have an awesome day, too, sweetheart!

      *big hugs and a smooch*


  2. Carol,
    I like the idea of the tree with the “leaves are the side effects, branches are emotions, the trunk serves as the events that are related to pain, and the roots are our limiting beliefs”.

    When you tap on each topic, what part of the body are you suppose to tap?


    1. Nick explained it quite well, I think, didn’t he? I’ll update in a post today, on the tapping points or meridians on the body. Some of the speakers have actually stated it doesn’t matter that you cover all the points, as long as you are tapping on one of the points, but I would think it would be more beneficial to open up all the focused energy points, to get everything flowing more smoothly. Just my opinion, but then, I don’t know as much as they do. I’ll post on the points later this morning. 😉


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