Tapping World Summit

Have you ever heard of Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)?  I’m sure a couple of you have, as one, in particular, is into Energy Medicine/ Healing.

I am somewhat of a skeptical person, although I do believe in some alternative medicine, as well as some not too commonly talked about untraditional beliefs.  I do believe totally in God and Jesus, and I also believe that God enabled our bodies with the ability to heal itself.  If our body is able to heal itself, physically, then I believe the same is plausible for our brain and body to heal itself, emotionally.

The alternative medicine I’ve tried, so far, is acupuncture, and I tried this for healing back pain and fatigue.  I had amazing results with acupuncture and I only used it once or twice, so I know firsthand how effective that is.  But, that was for physical pain and suffering.  I’ve tried hypnotherapy for an emotional issue, but I am unable to undergo hypnosis due to my trust issues.  Figures.

This post is about Tapping, and I wanted to share with all of you the free invitation that is out there for you to attend an online summit for the next week and a half, if you’d like to see if the technique may actually work for you.  I am not giving credit to Tapping.  I am only a person interested in researching, studying and investigating new alternative forms of healing.  I do believe that our bodies contain, absorb and release electricity/energy.  I do know that energy gets trapped in our bodies, which can result in pain, sickness, depression, anxiety, as well as a number of other negative issues.  So, I am willing to give Tapping a try, as all it is really is a sort of accupressure that you apply to yourself, while going through the motions of stating out loud a troubling issue for you, and then letting it go with a deep breath.

I challenge each of you to check out www.tappingworldsummit.com, register for the free upcoming summit presentations that will begin tomorrow night.  You register with your first name and email.  You will be emailed links to several pre-event audio and video presentations giving you a taste of what will be coming up in the summit, along with info on how to get access to the actual presentations from the summit each day.  The pre-event stuff consists of about 2 hours worth of audio/video information, from 2-3 different emails you will receive.  The summit lasts for 10 days (May 7-16) and each presentation for each day is only available for 24 hours afterwards.  Each evening, the new day’s presentation will replace the previous day’s video.

Actually going through the motions of executing the tapping along with the statements, I felt much like a monkey and probably looked like one, too, but I was alone, so that made me 5% more comfortable.  It’s very weird.  I’ll say that much, but then with most new things (especially dealing with energy medicine, which is an almost unknown field to the majority of our population), they are pretty strange, at least in the beginning.

So, if you try it, let me know what you think about it.  Do you believe it could possibly work?  Do you think it’s a bunch of bunk?  A gimmick?  Psychosomatic?  Just plain psycho?  Placebo effect?  Let me know what you think.  I’ll post on what I think about each day’s presentation and my experiences, if any.  I’m interested in hearing what you think about Tapping.

Let me hear from you.

– Carol

(image courtesy of www.ThrivingNow.com)


10 thoughts on “Tapping World Summit

  1. Seasonsgirl says:

    I teach tapping EFT to my client especially for depression, migraines, and anxiety. Most have success and I find it workd best if the person lerning the tapping believes it will work. I have had success with skeptics also.


    • That’s pretty cool that you explore all avenues to heal. I do believe some alternative methods have great power. So far, not real impressed with the Tapping Summit, but I’m holding out hope that it will work for me. Glad it has worked for some. Mostly, I’m just irritated by the second presentation. She just did the same thing over and over and over and it really drove me up the wall. Hoping for better presentations tonight/tomorrow. Hope my post about it today wasn’t too hateful. 😦


  2. Claudia says:

    I’m looking forward to reading what you find out in the summit. Sounds interesting.


    • Hope my post about the first 2 presentations isn’t too ugly. The second presenter just reeeeeeally drove me nuts. It still does seem a bit interesting, especially because it seems to have worked for so many. I’m holding out hope that it will shift something in a positive direction for me and for everyone who tries it. 🙂 We’ll see. Looking more forward to listening to the audios tomorrow, as long as they don’t grate on my nerves as Ms. Vornbrock did. 😦


  3. infinite love and gratitude,impossible becomes possible with tapping


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