A-Z Archive: Q! Challenge


I’m a day (or week or two) late and a dollar short, but here’s my take on ‘Q’.

Ah, such a peace falls over me when the quiet snow falls.  It seems to make the world still and calm.  The snow blankets all of the noise – even the cars swishing down the road.

I sure do wish it was doing some of that here, rather than being in the 80’s and 90 degrees.  Hot humid weather.  Me.  No.  Likie.  So, I’m just going to melt into this photo for a while and imagine it’s cold out there.  Ooooo, I feel like climbing under a snuggly blanket with my snuggly bear.  😉

If you’d like to join us in this entertaining weekly challenge, or see more amazing shots, the A-Z Archive is led by frizztext:


Oh, wait a minute!  Did I do “P!”???  I can’t find it on here.  I need to get my act together.  😦

I trust you had a lovely day.  Rained here a good bit today.  While I was working, I saw the sky change from bright sunshine, to overcast, to cloudy, to dark stormy blue sky, to dark almost night sky, then rain.  I have a great view of the sky from my desk.  Wish I had time to go out and snap a photo when the sky was stormy blue, because that was beautiful.

Have a lovely, restful night and sweet dreams.  Love ya!  *smooch*


Day 123 of my Project 366.


8 thoughts on “A-Z Archive: Q! Challenge

  1. frizztext says:

    oh Carol,
    thank you for your QUIET!
    (no matter
    if a letter
    is late!)


  2. cobbies69 says:

    P would that be ‘Peace’ then you could show the photo again and call it ‘Peace and Quiet’ lol, love the snow pictures as well; 😉


  3. Colline says:

    We have not quite left the cold weather behind and I do admit that I look forward to the warmer days during which I can wear short sleeves and no jacket!


    • Oh, I’m so jealous y’all still have some cold weather. I’ll gladly trade with you. Sister, you can have all this heat and I’ll take your colder temps. I much prefer coats and sweaters, jeans and comfy boots to shorts and tanks. Although I like shorts and tanks, I adapt better to cold temps. That heat melts me like butter. I can always pack on enough clothes to stay warm but cannot strip off enough to stay cool. Even when there’s a breeze when it’s hot here, it’s like air from a fire blowing in your face. There is no relief unless you are inside with the air conditioner or in a swimming pool. I’m breakin’ out the sprinkler today, so when Hallie gets home this afternoon, she’ll have a nice chillin’ surprise, along with snowcones. 😉


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