Sky on Fire

Actually, it’s not on fire, but it looks like it could be. This is a rerun, peeps. My comp is acting temperamental and needs a time out. Better that than chucking it out the window, right?

This is from our roadtrip, July 2010, when we went through those 12 or so states, and this pic was in Cheyenne, Wyoming. It had been a strange drive through this area. One minute, beautiful. Next minute, cloudy. Next minute, thick hail clubbing my car on the interstate. This photo is from the parking lot of the hotel we stopped at. It sort of looks like there’s an eye of a hurricane up there in all that stormy chaos. I thought it was beauoooootiful! A stormy sunset.

Maybe tomorrow, my computer will actually upload a photo?! Grrr! Argh!!!

Hope y’all had a mahvelous day, dahlins. 😉 *smooch* I’m off to bed, and I’m missin’ my munchkin. She’s at a Girl Scout camp for the night, but will be back tomorrow. I was getting the bed ready to get into and found this shhwweeeeeet love letter she left me under my pillow for me to find. Oh, I love that leetle squish soooo much it hurts.

Sleep tight! Love ya!


Day 118 of my Project 366.


9 thoughts on “Sky on Fire

  1. Claudia says:

    Awesome photo! It does look like the sky is on fire.


  2. cobbies69 says:

    Fabulous picture, I love these sky ones… I like your nickname for Hallie, I used to and sometimes still call my daughter ‘Squidge’ I even made her a little chair with it on. she still got it. :)Always caring..


    • Aw, thanks, Gerry. Ah, the sky shots are my faves, especially stormy ones. Hallie and I think “Squidge” is sooooo cute! I love that Eloise still has that little chair. That’s so sweet and sentimental. We, too, save sweet memories such as these. Probably too many. But, then, can ya really save ‘too many’ memories? Memories are treasures. 😉 *squish*


  3. Seasonsgirl says:

    Very cool… it looks like it came from a movie.


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