A Dentist in Her Future?

Oh, another busy one, so this is all I got.  Sorry to be in such a hurry the last few days.  Or maybe month or two.  Ugh!  I’ll spare you my bad mood anyway.  Messing with my so-called phone company, AT&T; my computer at work will only send like 10MB at at a time, so I had to scan, upload and email one document, split into 5 separate scans and emails. Dog-gone-it!  Just one of them days, I guess, and we all have ’em.  I just wanna go to bed now.  Was on the phone with AT&T for about 2 hours today, at least, because some of those people refuse to do what they say they’re gonna do.  Ain’t that fun?  Sorry, I guess I didn’t spare you my bad mood, after all.  😦  Please don’t shoot me with that rubber band again?! 

Ouch!  That hurt.  😦

Playing Dentist.  She can be anything she wants.  😉  My shweeet leeetle squish.  God love her!

Ok, promising to be in a better mood tomorrow, k?  How can I not?  It’s Friday, after all.

Love y’all!  *hug*


Day 117 of my Project 366.  Wow, this year is surely flyin’.



6 thoughts on “A Dentist in Her Future?

  1. Sonel says:

    Oh, I don’t blame you at all sweetie. I also get quite frustrated and annoyed with people who are paid to do their job but have no pride in it anymore and don’t know anything about customer service. We have the same problem here in SA and well, then the b*tch in me comes out very quickly!

    Oh, she will do great as a dentist for sure! What a lovely photo of your little squish! Give her a hug and smooch from me and take some for yourself and Mama. 🙂
    Love you sweets!
    *big hugs*


    • Indeed, it’s one of my pet peeves. If you have a job, do it, and take pride in it, and try to do it right. It really chaps my hide when people say they’re going to help you and then don’t follow through. Can’t stand it. Argh! True, no customer service anymore. It’s very sad. Oh, I wasn’t very nice towards the end but the last person I spoke with, out of 4 or 5, actually was helpful and did her job, and apologized for the others. At least there might be 1 out of 5 that will do a good job. 😦

      tehe! She’s just so cute in that long coat. Almost to her ankles. 😉 I will give her a hug and smooch from you as soon as she gets home today. Hugs and smooches back to you and Simba! I will also pass along to Mama. Thanks. I feel loved. 😉

      Love you too, sista!


  2. Gary says:

    Thats very cute. Dentistry is a great career move for anyone. Maybe she will grow up to be one?


    • Thank you. I think so, too = “great career for anyone”. She can be anything she wants. She’s smart enough. Her future’s so bright, she’s gotta wear shades! 😉 She’s wanted to be a vet since she was 2, but there’s no telling what she will be. There is a ginormous world out there and anything is possible. I want her to soar wherever her wings are wide enough to carry her.


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