Off to Market

I was lookin’ through photos from our Girl Scout trip to Memphis, Tennessee back in 2008 and found some cute shots of Hallie at the Children’s Museum. The grocery store/supermarket part of the place. She was 8 at the time this shot was taken, and she still loves to go to the grocery store, helping pick out the items we need.

Here she is with her cart, as she’s checking out the nutritional value on this carton of milk, as all good moms should. 😉  Such a discerning expression, don’t you think?  lol

Hope you all had a wonderful, bright, vivid and beautiful day!  Ours was just lovely.  Busy, busy at work, but a good day.  A busy day and night all the way through, so I am off to bed.  Tired and a belly ache.  I think I drank my chocolate milk too fast!  haha!  I’m such a baby, I know, but I just love me some chocolate milk.  It’s my favorite.  Skim milk with Hershey’s syrup stirred in.  Shut up!  Honey, I slurped that sucker down!  I was sooo thirsty and it was refreshing, but I do believe I guzzled it a bit too quick, and now my tum is upset with me.  But I’ll live.  😉  Y’all have a chillin’ evenin’.  That cozy, gushy bed has my name alllll over it.  Love ya!  *smooch!   MWAH!


Day 109 of my Project 366


Author: Carol B Sessums

I'm a person just like you who wants to find ways to better my life - not to just better myself, but to become extraordinary and to love my life.

5 thoughts on “Off to Market”

  1. Your girl is so cute in the photo 😉 I also love chocolate milk, but I have to use soy or almond (not bad). It was rainy here today I hope the rest of the week is as nice as the first part was.


    1. tehe! Thanks. She’s a mess. Oh, sorry you have to drink soy or almond. Bummer. 😦 I tried both and just stick to my skim. Hoping for beautiful clear lovely shades of blue painting our skies and inviting temps for all of us. *hug*


  2. Love that “serious” look on the face! She is so cute!
    Hope your tummy is okay now hon. 🙂
    Have a great day and have fun! 🙂
    *big hugs*


      1. LOL! Noooo..she is absolutely adorable! I would just hug her up..hehehehe! Glad to hear the tum is better hon! Yeah, I love milk as well and it tends to “blow” me up..heheheh
        Thanks for the lovely wishes sweetness!
        Have a great weekend!
        MWAH! xxx


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