Skies of Froth

At least that’s what I see.  Perhaps I’m hungry for a cappuccino.  But don’t these clouds look frothy? 

It’s a quick one and if I posted this on an earlier day, I apologize.  Still tending to a sick child.  On a happy note, she did eat some honey for me, so that’s good and her fever is down.  Thank you, Marcy and Sophia, for reminding me of the benefits of honey.  I’m just trying to work it so she can go to school tomorrow.  Her throat also stopped hurting, so that’s good.  She hates honey, but I mixed it with peanut butter and she ate it on crackers, and then later, she ate it straight off the teaspoon and chased it with oj till the flavor was gone.  How can anyone hate honey, right?  She does.  I think honey rocks.  Here’s hoping she’s back to normal and stays that way.  We don’t like going to the doctor and we don’t like drugs, but we’ll go if we have to.  😦

And thank you all, you sweeties, for all the well wishes.  They worked!  Y’all are magic!  😉  Mama is not hurting too badly today, after all the work she did in the yard yesterday, so that’s awesome!  MWAH!  😡

Love y’all!  *hug*


Day 106 of my Project 366.


Author: Carol B Sessums

I'm a person just like you who wants to find ways to better my life - not to just better myself, but to become extraordinary and to love my life.

17 thoughts on “Skies of Froth”

    1. Thanks Claudia. She’s all well again. Yay! Fever broke Sunday night around 7, and went to school Monday morning. You’re so sweet. Thank you. Love those cappuccinos, girl! And the chai tea frappe’. Yummmm!


    1. They are both well. Mama had physical therapy today to work her arm and shoulder, so her pain pill has kicked in and is helping with that pain. Hallie is all healed up. 😉 Thank you, Gerry. You are a sweetheart. 😉


  1. I was really hoping the honey would help Hallie. I’m sorry she’s been sick all weekend. Bummer. My little baby grandson has strep throat, so I’m on grandma duty today.


    1. I think the honey did help her. She didn’t get better till she had a couple of spoonfuls. She’s great now. Got better Sunday night. Better ever since. 😉 Yeah, sucked that she was sick through the whole weekend, but on the bright side, that’s the first time she’s been sick in like 4 years. Aw, he has strep? Total ouchie, poor little dude. Oh, I hate it when those sweet babies don’t feel good, or especially hurt like that with strep. Well, you go, Grandma! You give that babe tons of Grandma-love and honey and sweet songs and stories and some meds, and he’ll be well in no time. Sending prayers and positive energy his way. *hugs*


      1. I wish I could give Caleb some honey. He’s a wee bit too young. I think you have to wait until a baby is two years old, or you can screw up their digestive system due to the special properties in honey. But I do give it to the older boys by the spoonful just because… Caleb was sick again today, so I kept him again. One day I’ll get back on my next book, but a sick baby is a priority and the normal sitter won’t keep a sick baby and Mom and Dad could not miss work. Anyway, I’m so glad to hear Hallie is feeling better. Thanks for the prayers and energy. Hugs are being sent back to you and Hallie. 🙂 I hope the rest of your week is all sunshine and happiness!


      2. Oh, yeah, I have read that honey can cause botulism is children 1 year old and younger. I sure wish Hallie liked it. I had to nearly force her to eat it and the poor thing hated it worse than any medicine, worse than Nyquil. Blegh! Well, hopefully, Caleb will heal up quickly and I know he’ll feel better with all that love you are giving to that sweet babe. You are such a sweet grandma for taking care of him while Mama and Daddy work. Thanks Marcy. Hope your week is awesome and beautiful, as well. 🙂 *hugs*


  2. Oh, that makes me indeed wish I had a cappucino machine here! heheheh
    I am so glad to hear our Hallie is better hon. I love honey as well. Just
    a pity it’s so expensive here. I am also just as glad to hear that Mama is not hurting too badly. Give them both lots of hugs and smooches from me hon and here’s some for you too! 🙂


    1. tehe! Love cappucino. And chai tea frappes. Bad for me, though, to have a coffee house drive thru just down the street from where I work. I could go by there every day at lunch to get one, but I won’t. $4.00 a pop! Fa-ged-aboud-it (trying to sound like a New Yawka). 😉 Anywho, I’ll just go by there maybe once a week and grab me one, usually on the weekend when I go get groceries. I got Mama hooked on ’em. Hallie’s hooked on caramel frappes. Oh my, I need to quit talking about it. I’m salivating over it. ha! Giving them lots of hugs and smooches from you, and thanks, got mine too. 😉 Sending hugs and smooches right back your way to you and your little man, Simba. 🙂


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