Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

This is Socks, Mama’s pit bull. And Miss Lilly, of course, our mini-dox. They were puppies together and oh how they loved to play together. Here is Socks with her ‘mean’ face on, saying “Geet down heeer so I can shew you up an spitch you out!  I pity da fooo!”  And Lilly’s sayin’, “Sewiously, girlfwan?”

Now, Socks is sayin’, “Wha, wait a meeenute! You tuppose ta feeer da pit.” And Lilly’s like, “Aw, gimme a bwake.”

“Ya ain’t skeeered? Not eeeven a leeetle? Dankflummit!” And Lilly’s just sayin’, “Yooo ain’t wight in da hed.” 😉

Well, got all the mowin’ done today. Got a little sunburned, but I ain’t sweatin’ it. I like gettin’ a little sun, and man, it felt good out there today! Beautiful outside! Kept checkin’ on Hallie and her fever went up as high as 101.9. Went up and down all day. Made her get outside and get some fresh air and walk a little. Exercise will do ya good. You can’t just lay down all the time. You have to convince that body to heal. Now, her temp is 98.6. Let’s just hope it stays that way. She seems to be doing better, but her throat hurts, so I’m gonna go give her some more medicine and Mama love.

Mama got out and worked in the yard, mowed with the little mower, picked up sticks, and did a great job out there! So proud. Just hoping she didn’t overdo it. Praying she sleeps great and wakes up not hurting too bad.

So, how was y’alls day? I hope it was a completely terrifical one! Love you! *squish* 🙂


Day 105 of my Project 366


Author: Carol B Sessums

Writer, Editor, Coffee Addict, Lover of Mountains. Lives to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time.

22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects”

  1. You might want to give Hallie some honey. I give it to my grandchildren by the spoonful like candy. They love it. Honey is also a natural antibiotic, so it might help with whatever is ailing Hallie. I hope Hallie’s fever stays down, so she can get out and enjoy her Sunday with you. 🙂
    In the meantime, I love the expressions (and the conversations) on your puppies’ faces. Precious post, Carol. Great job.


    1. She refused to take any honey last night. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. Thank you for mentioning. If I can get her to choke some down this morning, I will. She’s not a fan of honey. I LOVE the stuff! It always goes into my hot tea. Sometimes, I’ll just fix some buttered toast and dip pieces of it in a bowl of honey. This was a favorite of mine as a child. We’d visit my grandparents in this house Hallie and I live in now and my grandparents would always fix me buttered toast with a bowl of honey. Comfort food for me. Wish it was for Hallie. 😦 If she’s not well today, I’ll be making an appointment with a doctor. It’s a low grade fever, so thankful it’s not high. Just wish it would go away. Was 99.9 at bedtime.
      Thanks for the compliments on the post. 😉 Those doggies are sooo funny. It’s easy to imagine what they are probably saying. *hug*


  2. Whahahahah! Oh, they are just soooo adorable and I loved the captions! Aren’t they just the best? Glad to hear Hallie is feeling a bit better and Orples is correct. Honey is nature’s best. When I have a sore throat I would put a desert spoonful of Honey in half a glass of warm water with some cinnamon. It helps a lot. 🙂 Sounds like Mama is having fun. 🙂
    Big hugs and smooches to you all hon. 🙂


    1. tehe! Thanks Sophia. I love them pups! 😉

      Couldn’t get Hallie to take any honey last night, but she promised me she’d take some this morning. I may try the honey in warm water with cinnamon method you mentioned. Perhaps she’ll take it like that. She likes cinnamon. Wanted her to drink some chicken broth yesterday, but she’s not a fan of that, either. The sodium always helps a sore, plegmy throat, but she cannot stand chicken broth. Won’t even eat chicken noodle soup.

      The yards look good. Need to do some more trimming with the weed eater and hedge clippers, but the grass looks nice and groomed. I love sitting in the porch swing with a key lime soda after mowing and bathing. So refreshing, especially when a nice breeze is blowing like it was yesterday. A spectacular day, as far as weather and beauty goes.

      Big hugs and smooches right back at ya, sister! 🙂 xoxo


      1. Oh, I do hope she will get better real soon hon. I also love cinnamon and drink it in my coffee and tea as well. It helps for the insulin resistance. Chicken soup is the only food that hubby makes for me
        when I am sick and he puts so much love in it that I get better real quick. Tell her the chicken soup is from me and that I made it with lots of love and healing. 🙂

        How I would love to have a porch swing. You are so lucky. We have lovely weather here as well but my day was saddened. It seems that my photographs makes Nia afraid. She says they are nice but they always make her afraid and now…what now? Gosh! 😦

        Anyways, enjoy your day sweetness. Love ya!


      2. Well, Hallie is all better, and her attitude is a bit flip this evening, so she’s in rare form. 😦 At least she’s well. Ah, growin’ pains. Aren’t they lovely? Blegh!

        I knew cinnamon was healthy for you on many levels, but I didn’t know it helps with insulin resistance. Your hubs is sooo sweet to make chicken soup for you. He’s a doll!

        And you are a shweeetie, too! I think the honey made her well. So glad you and Marcy reminded me of the healing effects of honey.

        I’m lucky to have a porch swing. You are lucky to have a wonderful husband and all those cool vervets coming to pay you a visit. Love that!

        Your pics make Nia afraid? Oh, is it those spidey pics? Some o’ those creep me out but they actually make the spiders look attractive, as long as those 8 leggeds stay far away from me. I’ll be fine with just viewing them from my computer screen. lol! Seriously? Your pics make her afraid? Girl, you are an awesome photographer. Don’t you dare change a thing, honey! You are awesome! Keep listening to your muse and snap away. I’ve loved every shot I’ve seen you post.

        Hope you had a wonderful day and have a lovely evening. Love you, punkin!
        *hug* MWAH! 🙂


      3. LOL! Funny how we know when they are feeling better hey? heheheh. I am very glad she is so much better hon. Yes, those growing pains! Blegh concur. hee hee

        Oh, I love cinnamon and if I could I would use it in mostly everything like I do with the garlic. LOL! Yeah, I do have such a caring and loving hubby hon. He is a doll indeed. 🙂

        Whahahaha! Yes, we are both so lucky and blessed sweetie. 🙂 MWAH!

        hehehe, yes, she says she screams when she sees them. LOL! Shame, when you’re afraid of things like that it must be scary to see them on your screen as well and well, I wouldn’t know because I just love these critters. But thank you so much for the beautiful compliment sweetie and for making me feel better. Afterwards I realised I can’t feel bad about it. She was just expressing herself in her own way and it was nothing personal. I was just a bit over-sensitive because of something else that happened and of course because my little man was still not feeling well and you know how it goes. Thank you for being such a great friend and for being there. You are just the sweetest!!! Big hugs and lots of smooches! MWAH!

        You must have a wonderful day and evening too sunshine! Love you lots!


      4. Ha! I know, right?! Oh, yes! Love cinnamon! LOVE garlic! Love to cook with both. And even though it would give me stinky breath, I could eat a whole bowl full of roasted garlic. Oh baby! The stuff is fine!

        I hope you are ok. You worried me when you said, “was just a bit over-sensitive because of something else that happened…” Are you ok? Let me know what’s going on, if you want to share. I don’t want to pry, but I worry about you, honey. You are such a warm, loving person and I wish you could be happy and feelin’ good all the time, because you deserve to. You are always in my prayers, as well as your family (furbabe included here). You should always feel confident in every single post on your blog. They are inspirational and you have a real gift – a talent, and I believe talents and gifts are to be shared with others, and you do just that. You improve our day by what you post. Your photos and your words are a delight to everyone who sees it, and never change a thing about yourself. You are perfect just the way you are. Tell me how you are doing? How is Simba doing? Love you! *big squishy hugs and lots o’ smooches* 🙂

        I hope y’all have an awesome, happy, stress-free weekend! With beautiful weather and scenery – more scope for the imagination!


    1. Socks is grown now, as is Lilly, but Socks is a darlin’. She’s feisty and hyper like Lilly, but a bit heavier, stronger and with all muscle. She’s really sweet, though. Many folks are terrified of pit bulls, but it all depends on how you raise them. If you raise any dog to be mean, they’ll be mean. If you raise it to be obedient and good and sweet, then they will be. This is Mama’s second pit and they are very intelligent dogs, very sweet and expressive. Her first one, Jack, was the funniest little teddy bear. He’d do a back bend on the arm of the recliner I was sitting in. He’d be looking upside down at me with those cute big brown eyes just waiting for me to rub his chin. And he was really good around Hallie when she was just a wee thing. Lilly and Socks still love each other. But they can’t play, as Socks is much bigger than L and she’s so hyper, she’d jump all over her. Tiger jumps all over L, but T isn’t as big or heavy as Socks is. 😉
      You are so sweet. Thanks, bro. *hug*


      1. Did you know Carol that Pit bulls are banned in the UK, unless you are a registered breeder. All brought about by some macho egotistical maniacs using them as fight dogs, and hence some mauling of children. And still they wanted to carry on. So the government has banned them.
        Love all animals and ditto to your comments…love it always caring.


      2. I did not know that. Pits are also banned in several surrounding counties outside of where we live. I hate they get such a bad wrap, but as you said, there are many warped individuals out there who train this breed to fight. A 6 year old little girl was killed by a pit that got loose a couple of miles from where we live. Soooo sad. Mama knew the child, as the family was on her mail route. I detest the people who raise dogs to be fighters/killers. It’s pure evil. Dogs are meant to be enjoyed, loved, treasured, spoiled, trained to be obedient but in a respectful way. Unfortunately, there are many just a few miles away who raise pits to be fighters. I wish they’d get found out and go to prison. The dogs can be rehabilitated. I know of several that have been and now they are happy, loving dogs with good homes. Those poor babies. What they have been through is just wrong. *hugs to you*


    1. Haha! Oh Socks wouldn’t hurt a fly. She’s just silly and playful. She doesn’t know her own strength, meaning when she steps on your foot, it hurts, because she’s so heavy. Pure muscle, but she’s a teddy bear. It’s all in how you raise ’em. We spoil all our furbabes. Some are trained with commands (sit, stay, down, leave it, take it, come, etc.), some are not, but all are loved and spoiled. All lovers, no fighters. 😉


    1. Aw, you are sooo sweet!! Yeah, sometimes ya gotta rest and that’s good for you, but fresh air, a short walk and a little sunlight can help, too, oh and a spoonful or two of honey – nature’s antibiotic. Hallie can’t stand honey, but I think it helped her.
      God love you, too! 😉 *hug*


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