They’re Good Eggs

Easter, I spent the day with my two favorite little ladies and we had a lovely time.  Went out to the chicken coop and gathered us some eggs…  Just kidding.  No chicken coop here anymore.  Fool ya?  Got ’em from the good ole grocery store.  Boiled ’em up.  Hallie and I painted ’em, glittered ’em, then Mama came over and joined in the hide ‘n’ seekin’ of the eggs.  We always do Easter egg hunts.  We never grow tired of ’em.  I suspect when Mama is 80, I’m 57 and Hallie is 26, we’ll still be paintin’ and huntin’ those eggs.  😉  Just a fun Easter ritual we’ve always done.  Not quite Easter without that.  And, of course, lots of Easter goodies!  😉

The one and only picture that decided to actually download – the eggs after they were boiled.  I had several photos but they won’t cooperate.  Waaaaa!  It was supposed to be of the boiled eggs, the decorated eggs, the hunting of the eggs by Hallie and Mama – they’re good eggs.  😉

Hope y’all had a very blessed Easter holiday weekend and spent it with those you love.  That’s what makes it the most special.  And thank You, God, for sending us Jesus.  Thank You, Jesus, for loving us enough to save us.  We love you, too.  *hugs and smooches to You and You, and all of you*


Author: Carol B Sessums

Writer, Editor, Coffee Addict, Lover of Mountains. Lives to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time.

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