Photo Friday: From My Window

I was sooo happy with this absolutely beautiful day off with my beloved Hallie!  The weather was spectacular.  Clear blue skies, sunshine all over the place, not hot.  Nice and cool, actually.  Breezy.  We are talkin’ perfect, ok? 

Kind o’ cool this evening.  It would be nice for starting a fire in the copper pit, havin’ hotdogs and roasting marshmallows, but Hallie wanted pizza.  Maybe we can do ‘shmallows’ tomorrow night.  😉 

It’s Girls Night every Friday, so we get take out, watch a movie or something we’ve taped on the DVR, and Mama joins us, but she didn’t want to stay long.  She was feelin’ a bit of pain from her surgeries still, so she was gonna walk back home, take some pain meds and rest.  I don’t blame her a bit.  Poor thing.  I wish she’d hurry up and heal and stop hurting.  I’m sure it’s a B to be in pain like that.  😥

Well, just wanted to let you know the plumber came by this morning, fixed everything under the kitchen sink and NO MORE LEAK.  Yea!  And didn’t charge me a ton, so thankful for that!  Perhaps I can actually buy Hallie some new jeans and school shorts tomorrow.  The girl is growin’ like a weed and all her pants are too short now.  I grow ’em tall.  😉  She stays thin but she keeps growing long.  She sure is a pretty one.  She got her dad’s metabolism, thank heavens.  She’ll stay thin like him.  Lemme tell ya, the girl can eat like a man, but doesn’t gain an ounce!  Must be nice.  She’ll bust me for talkin’ about her like this, so I better stop.  tehe!  Just feel like ramblin’ tonight, I guess.

Well, she’s hollarin’ for me to hurry up bloggin’ and bring some hot cocoa with ‘shmallows’ while I’m at it, so we can finish watching ‘Eclipse’.  We LOVE vampire flicks!!!  Especially the Twilight saga.  Oh Edward!  Oh Jacob!  We aren’t sure which one is hotter!  ha!  Yeah, I might be old enough to be their mom, but so what.  Ain’t nothin’ wrong with admirin’ beauty.  Heck!  To me, that’s half the fun of livin’ – enjoying the view.  Are ya with me?

Oh, and I know it’s random, but I was lookin’ through my Arizona shots to see if there were any I didn’t post, and I don’t remember if I posted the stormy day we experienced while shopping.  We were caught in a downpour while in this totally cool shopping village, and got a little wet, and then decided to run inside this awesome steak and barbecue joint, had a lovely lunch and they had these floor to ceiling windows showcasing the beauty that surrounds the town of Sedona.  This was a shot of the view from the window.  Ok, so it’s not my window, per se, but it was a lovely window and the view was stellar, even on a stormy day.  But then, I love storms.  They make me feel ALIVE, invigorated, and at peace within my soul all at the same time.  Am I weird that they comfort me?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope y’all had a beautiful, fun-filled day, rest well t’night, and I’ll chat it up with y’all tomorrow.  My plan is to get up early and catch up with some o’ y’all.  I’m wayyyyy behind, I know.  Love ya!  *squish*


Day 97 of my Project 366


8 thoughts on “Photo Friday: From My Window

  1. Sonel says:

    Stunning shots hon! Oh, I love storms too and lightning! But Simba don’t…so I spend most of my time then comforting him. LOL!
    Sounds like fun. I love marshmellows too and it is great when watching those vampire movies! I love Twilight as well! I just wish she would get over Edward and take Jake. heheheh. He is such a handsome wolf but well, she makes out a gorgeous vampire as well. 🙂
    Enjoy the weekend and have fun and big hugs to mama and please give her lots of healing energies from me.
    *big hugs and lots of love to you and Hallie*


    • Thanks dahlin! I know what you mean. Buddy especially doesn’t like storms. Lilly doesn’t care for them, either. Yeah, those furbabies and human babies have to be held tight and comforted when there’s a storm goin’ on out there. 😉 Hope it’s chilly enough tonight for marshmallows. I’m hungry for some. I guess we could always cook ’em over the stove. tehe! Cheating, I know. But, hey, it works. I sometimes stick the mini marshmallows on toothpicks and roast ’em over the stove. 😉 That’s not even a whole bite, though. The bigger ones are better.

      I can’t decide between Edward or Jacob. They both have such beauty. Beautiful in different ways, but still, beautiful. I sure do like those big, tanned muscles, though, and dark hair. Dark eyes, dark skin. Yummmmm! Voluptious lips… Ok, I’ll stop now. I’m drooling. I am a wolf fan. My favorite animal of all time. But I love my vampires, too.

      Giving Mama lots of hugs and with your healing energies! *big squishy hugs and lots o’ love back to you from me and Hallie* 😉


      • Sonel says:

        LOL! Cheater! hehehehe!
        I just love them in my coffee and then eat it with a spoon. hee hee

        Oh yes, the drooling part. I get that too..whahahahaha! But it’s like you say, they are both gorgeous! Yummy! LOL!

        *big hugs and smooches* from me and Simba to all of you! 🙂


      • Yeah, I did cheat, didn’t I? 😉 Oh my! Gotta dry dippin’ ’em in my coffee. Yummm! That sounds good. *sending warm, squishy hugs from me, Hallie, and all the furbabes to you!* 🙂


  2. pix & kardz says:

    thanks for sharing the storm clicks!


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