Happy Friday on a Thursday

Yes, today is Thursday, but it’s sort of Friday for us.  Hallie is out of school tomorrow and I’m off work, being that tomorrow is Good Friday.  I’ve always thought it should be called Dark Friday or Sad Friday.  I don’t consider it good that Jesus went through all that pain and suffering and agony.  The reason He did it is good, but still, sad that He suffering all that He did and as long as He did. 

Easter, indeed, is a happy occasion, and a treasured holiday, celebrating His being alive again.  And alive forever more.  😉 

So, anyway, today feels like Friday to us, but we’ll be enjoying another Friday tomorrow.  And thank goodness I found a plumber to come fix that slow leak in the kitchen.  Hopefully, it won’t completely break the bank.  😥

This is what it looked like this morning on the way to work.  I was driving into Tornado Alley.  There were tornado warnings everywhere.  It got darker and darker the closer to the north I got, and once I arrived safely inside the office, not 10 seconds passed and the sky fell.  I mean, raining kitty cats and puppy dogs!  Thunder and lightning.  I was alone in the office for a long time with darrrrrk skies and bad, loud, stormy weather and I was skeeered.  But then, the sky lightened, the rain stopped, the sun said, “Peek a Boo!” and then said, “Let’s party!”  Sunshine the rest of the day.  😉

I trust you had a lovely day and I hope you will enjoy a day off tomorrow, as well.  Find the beauty in the day, no matter what you have planned.

*squishy hug*  Love ya!


Day 96 of my Project 366


Author: Carol B Sessums

I'm a person just like you who wants to find ways to better my life - not to just better myself, but to become extraordinary and to love my life.

4 thoughts on “Happy Friday on a Thursday”

    1. Aw, thanks! I like storms as long as tornadoes are NOT involved. Those things skeeeer me. 😉 It’s gorgeous out there now! Thank you and I hope your Easter weekend is fabulous and blessed as well. 😉 *hug*


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