A-Z Archive: M! Challenge

Memories of Disney with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Oh, the dreamy days of Disney in Orlando.  Our best vacation, thus far.  I can hardly wait to go back and check out Harry Potter Themepark at Universal, too.  One day…

Hallie was 8 years old when we went.  Mama wasn’t looking forward to even going to Disney, only happy about staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge with the animals underneath the balcony, which was pretty cool.  However, once we arrived on the grounds, she turned into an 8-year-old right before my very eyes.  We all had the best time!  Ya need at least 7 full days to do everything ya wanna do.  I think we stayed maybe 5 days and that wasn’t nearly enough.  And the FOOD was spectacular. 

Of course, you have to get yourself a Disney planner/book to figure out all the restaurants you want your special event breakfasts and your most delectable dining experiences in the evenings.  You have to reserve your tables about 6 months (or longer) in advance at all the restaurants, if you want a chance to eat there (and if you want a certain seat.  Coral Reef – get tankside) and if you want your child(ren) to get to meet their favorite characters, talk with them and get autographs and pictures with them.

Disney was on my Bucket List.  I had wanted to visit since I was a little girl, and I finally did, and now we all want to go again.  Just best vacation ever.

Hope y’all had a beautiful day.  Thunderstorms here again, which is fine, as long as it doesn’t make the house vibrate.  Hallie doesn’t care for the lightning, nor the thunder.  Neither do Buddy and Lilly.  Tiger and Carlie cry to come inside, but alas, Lilly + cats = disaster. 

L will tear down the house chasin’ after those kitties.  Picture teeny leetle fluff-dog chasing after giant roaring lions.  That’s them.  The cats are bigger than Lilly and she loves everybody.  She’s so hyper.  That’s why we call her our leetle mexican jumpin’ bean.  She wants to lick you to death and play with you and jump on you and laugh and dance and…  Well, ya get the picture.  The cats get tired of it.  Tiger doesn’t mind playin’, but he wants to wrestle and pins Lilly down to the floor.  Then Lilly screams, “MAMA!”  Carlie?  Well, she’s just too good for dogs.  She’s a princess, remember?  She can’t be seen talking to a…DOG.  Can’t have that.

If you’d like to join us in this entertaining weekly challenge, or see more amazing shots, the A-Z Archive is led by frizztext:


Have a fab evening, rest well, and we’ll chat t’morra.  😉  *squish*  Love y’all!!


Day 94 of my Project 366.


Author: Carol B Sessums

Writer, Editor, Coffee Addict, Lover of Mountains. Lives to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time.

9 thoughts on “A-Z Archive: M! Challenge”

  1. Sorry, Carol, about the time to respond to your lovely post, but have had to take a break. This post is so fab, I have the same memories with many pictures of my daughter with Mickey and Minnie. They are pure gold as are yours. Beautiful..;)


    1. No need to apologize, my dear brother. I’m so far behind responding and commenting, I feel I may never catch up. I slow day at work is kind o’ nice for a change and I’m catching up a little. Yea! I cannot believe I have some free time. Since I started here, I’ve been slammed with work, which is a good thing. I mean, it makes the day fly by, ya know? I’m also thankful to have some free time to catch up with friends and family. 😉 Thanks for the compliment. I knew you’d appreciate it, having visited Disney many times yourself. Indeed, pure gold. Love those memories. Thanks again. 🙂


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