Photo Friday: Rain

Well, isn’t that convenient?  Just a few days ago, I was snappin’ pics of the rain, so here is my entry for the week.

How wonderful Hunger Games was at the movie theatre today!  Hallie’s reading the book, and, of course, the book always has more details that the movie would ever have time to show, but still, the movie was completely awesome!  I wonder if they’ll come out with the movies for Book 2 & 3?  After she finishes Book 1, I’m readin’ it!  When I have time…  Time?  What’s that?  No, really, not complaining too much of not having time.  We had a little time this weekend.  It was a very enjoyable weekend.  Got the yards mowed.  Got clothes washed, part of the house clean, a few groceries bought, went to the movies with good friends, and cooked some yummy things. 

Spent some time with my 2 best girls, and ya know, that’s the bestest part.  😉  Mama is healing up after 3 surgeries to her shoulder, hand and wrist, poor baby.  It’s takin’ a little while.  I hate all the pain she’s in.  😥  If y’all don’t mind sayin’ some prayers for her to heal up fast and be pain-free, I know we’d all appreciate it.  You can never receive too many prayers.  And just know that I’m always thinkin’ of y’all, and you guys are in my prayers every day.  😉  *squishy hug & a smooch*

Love y’all! 



6 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Rain

  1. cobbies69 says:

    Sending my healing vibes over the pond Now! happiness and health…;)


  2. Colline says:

    You really should read the book – it is gripping. I read it before my preteen – and what I like is that there is nothing in there I would not want her to read. I look forward to comparing the movie with the book 🙂


    • Oh, I am for sure. She is saying it’s the best book she’s ever read, thus far, and puts Harry Potter to shame. 😉 We are both Harry Potter fans. I adore her reading teacher, who inspires these kids to read, and introduces great books to them. That’s always been one of Hallie’s favorite things to do – read books! I love that about her. 😉 I just hope I can find time to read again. Since starting to work again, I can find no time to read, much less keep up with all the blogs I like. Trying to make time.


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