Cowboy Up!

Welcome to one of Hallie’s favorite things of all time = HORSES! She’s all about Family, Taylor Swift (the only person she has ever been a fan of, and rightly so), Paris, France, anything animal-related, and her favorite 4-legged friends are horses. Ever since she was 2, the child has loved them. Ever since the movie, ‘Spirit’. Remember that animated film with all the great music from Bryan Adams? That dude rocks!

Anyway, she’s truly been missing riding. I had to cut everything out of our budget that was an “extra”, but now that I’m working again, SURPRISE! Riding lessons again. Yea! She’s so excited. And I’m so blessed I can provide them for her.

Check out these handsome school horses. Sophie was her favorite, pictured with my cutie patootie in the last pic.

Today was a great day. Not a lot of stress at work, nothing quit workin’ like the software/hardware that was freakin’ out on me before, didn’t have to rush, just go at my own pace, so it was a fabulous Friday. How ’bout you? Isn’t every Friday fab?

Looking forward to tomorrow when I get a chance to sleep in, clean my house, mow the yard, wash clothes, cook, catch up with my peeps’ blogs. Some of that may sound like work, but to me, it sounds marvelous. 😉 Every bit of it.

Hmmm… Cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Not sure what’s for lunch – something simple. Grilled turkey and cheese, perhaps. Maybe a panini. What’s on the menu for supper? Chicken Alfredo, Salad, maybe asparagus as another side? Garlic Bread, Skim Milk, with Cherry Cheesecake for dessert. Yummm! That’s one of Hallie’s and Mama’s favorites.

Talk with y’all tomorrow. Love ya!
Sweet dreams. Me sleeeeeepy. Night-night.



Day 83 of my Project 366.


Author: Carol B Sessums

I'm a person just like you who wants to find ways to better my life - not to just better myself, but to become extraordinary and to love my life.

8 thoughts on “Cowboy Up!”

  1. These horses are beautiful, as well as your daughter. You have been a great friend to me in the ways you have supported by blog. I have added you to my list of friends and I’m passing the King of King Friendship
    Blessing/Award along to you. You can pick it up here:



    1. Thanks, Gerry. Ah, yes, the spotted horse was my fave, too. I think horses are beautiful, graceful creatures. They are also extremely intelligent. I used to have a horse when I was a teen (Oreo), and when I’d had a bad day, I’d walk down to the pond, sit on the boat that was pulled up on the shore and hang my head. Oreo would follow me like a puppy, then lean his head down and sit his chin on my shoulder, and share my pain. He comforted me so much.


  2. Look at happy little Hallie holding that pretty little horsie! You are a smart woman, Carol, giving her the opportunity to ride. I’ve never met a kid that fell into the wrong crowd out playing in the pastures. Not to mention, horses are wonderful for instilling confidence in a kid. I don’t know how I missed this post, since I am a horse crazy fiend! Tell Hallie, I said “Gitty up, Cowgirl!”.


    1. Thanks Marcy. Oh, how the girl loves her horsies! She’s been riding since she was 3. You didn’t miss the post. It’s kind o’ new. I know ya are a horse crazy fiend. ha! And that’s a good thing. I’ll pass it along to her. 😉


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