Rainin’ Kitty Cats ‘n’ Puppy Dogs

This was yesterday on the way home and it had lightened up quite a bit.  (Don’t worry, I did NOT take my eyes off the road to snap this pic).  Earlier, it had been so dark, it looked like night, almost. Plus, the rain had been beating down, you had to be a sucker caught out in that weather. I stayed in the office. Got out at lunch just before it hit hard. All I got was a sprinkle but that sky sure let loose when I got back to work. There were accidents everywhere. I was nearly in a couple of ’em, myself, on the way home (and no, not when I was snappin’ pics).  Thank ya, Lord, for keepin’ me safe. Hope nobody got seriously injured out there.  Good ole Stormy Blue got a much needed bath. Yeah, that’s the name o’ my car, in case you were wonderin’. 😉 I guess I have to name everything, huh?

You can tell it rained all day yesterday from all the lakes that are in my yard (looks like you could go fishin’, even though I don’t fish…poor, poor leeetle fishies…), and the creek had risen high underneath that bridge I have to cross to take Hallie to school.

Might sound crazy, but listening to that rain outside my office door and watching it fall just sang to my soul. Just something about it – the sound, the sight, the smell. Ah! Refreshing and soothing at the same time. It cleansed me. See, I had been stressin’ bad at work (issues with software, hardware, trying to rush, trying hard to be perfect, knowing I’ll never reach that high), and I needed that rain. It helped to calm my nerves and breathe.

Today, it was beautiful out there. Sun shinin’ bright, not a driplet of rain, and perfect temps. Mid 70s. I actually needed a sweater for part of the day. 😉

I’m not really bored. I actually like talkin’ about the weather. 😉

I’m so enjoying a night helping my baby study for her Spanish test and not typing for hours.  That project is done…for now.  Going to bed at a more reasonable hour tonight, bebe! Lookin’ forward to alllll that sleeeeeep. I can feel that gushy bed now…

I plan to catch up with y’all’s blogs Saturday. Made plans to stay home for most of the day. Wooo-hooo! Yeah, I lead an exciting life, eh?

Love you guys! *big bear hug*


Day 82 of my Project 366 – Can’t believe I’ve actually posted consecutively for that long.  Wow.


12 thoughts on “Rainin’ Kitty Cats ‘n’ Puppy Dogs

  1. Sonel says:

    Lovely shot hon! I am not going to leave a big reply because I know that when the weekend comes you will have lots of catching up to do. Just letting you know I was here, I am glad you’re still doing okay and that I am thinking of you. 🙂 *hugs*


    • You are so sweet. Thanks dahlin. I know you are always here. That’s what friends are for, right? 😉 Thanks for thinkin’ ’bout me. Been thinkin’ ’bout you, too. So glad to have time to catch up today. Yea! *hugs*


  2. Sonel says:

    Me again..hehehehe! According to my blog stats you are one of my Top Recent Commenters, so please be a sweetie and collect your award on my blog hon. Congrats! *hugs*



  3. Colline says:

    Which road were you travelling on?


  4. orples says:

    Hi Carol, you know, if it weren’t for the rain, my car would never get washed. LOL. It’s too bad, you couldn’t have sent a little of this rain to Texas, last summer. Huh? You know, they’d have loved it. And by the way, congrats on your 82 consecutive posts … I know that’s not easy being a working Mom. Good job. 😉


    • Ha! I know, right?! It’s the dirt that holds our cars together. I wish I could send some o’ this rain to everyone else who needs it right now. I hate how so many are suffering from droughts in their areas. We have gone through droughts, too, but not as bad as some of these other people. Ours have been pretty minimal, compared to others, and only during the summers, of course. With this blogging daily, at least a photo if nothing else, I say, NEVER SAY DIE!” I gotta do it. Gotta stick with it. Not giving up, no matter how tired I am. Got to find some follow through and be consistent. So far, so good. 😉 Thanks, Marcy. *hug*


      • orples says:

        We got your rain this morning, which surprised me, since yesterday was a 10 on the Richter scale of beautiful days. Of course, that’s cool, because the rain weakens that ‘come outside and play’ magnetic pull. It was everything I could do to stay focused yesterday. Hopefully, today I’ll make up for lost time. In the meantime, I hope you have a marvelous weekend! Here’s a hug for you too, Carol.


      • Isn’t that funny how that happens? Beautiful and sunshiny with blue skies one minute, rainin’ the next. Yeah, in Mississippi, we tell folks, “If ya don’t like the weather here, wait 5 minutes.” It changes that fast. One year, it was mid-April, like 73 degrees, and the next day, it snowed. Crazy, right? Just like the movie says, “Life’s like a box o’ chocolates. Ya never know what you’re gonna get.” But in this case, same thing with the weather. 😉 Oh, except for the summers. We pretty much know what we’re gonna get. Pure hell. I don’t do summers very well here.

        I hope you had a great weekend, Marcy. I’m just sorry it went by in a blink. *sniff* But hey, at least it’s Tuesday now. Always glad to see Monday come and go. 😉 Have a splendid day! *hug*


  5. cobbies69 says:

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    or Orples..


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