I Have Linkage

It was such a nice surprise to find an award in my comments/messages from my dear friend, Francine, over at http://francineinretirement.wordpress.com/.  She is such a sweetheart and I so enjoy reading her blog.  Check out her blog when ya get a chance.  You’ll be glad ya did.  Thank you, Francine, for thinking of me.  I’m blessed to know you.

Then, I got a comment from my sweet friend (he’s my brother in my heart), Gerry over at http://cobbies69.wordpress.com/, nominating me for the same award.  Funny, because I nominated him, too, before I knew he nominated me.  How cool is that?!  You’ll love his blog.  Check it out.

For the 7×7 Link Award, the recipient must provide links to their own posts within the following 7 categories and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers.

 Here are the 7 categories and their posts:

 Most Helpful:  (Does a Reblog count?)  Reblog from liveloveyourlife – Moving Art – Gratitude

 Most PopularThe ABCs of Me

 Most Beautiful PieceWeekly Photo Challenge:  Indulge (I think?)

 Most Controversial (I got nothin’…):  On The Road Again (controversial, only because I have “bad taste” in “singers” – see comments for that post for the controversy)  😉

 Most Surprisingly SuccessfulWeekly Photo Challenge:  Down

 Most UnderratedAnd a Happy New Year To You!

 Most Pride WorthyWeekly Photo Challenge:  Regret

 Please visit the 7 who’ve been granted this award:

 1.  Sophia

 2.  Gerry

 3.  Marcy

 4.  Frizz

 5.  Alyson

 6.  Judee

 7.  Mona

Now, I realize a few of y’all have previously received this award, but I just wanted to take this moment to let you know how much you and your blog mean to me, how you’ve touched my life, and the lives of so many.  Thank you for your friendship, for supporting me, your much needed tutelage, encouraging me and blessing my life. 

And here is a photo for the day.  😉

A little blurry, but still smile-worthy. One of the many pieces of playful art at the Oklahoma City Zoo.

Hope y’all have had a marvelous and beautiful day. We are done with the Girl Scout cookies. Woooo-hoooo! \o/ *hug*


Day 78 of my Project 366. 😉


Author: Carol B Sessums

Writer, Editor, Coffee Addict, Lover of Mountains. Lives to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time.

11 thoughts on “I Have Linkage”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! You are such a blessing. Thank you for your kind words. Your blog is so uplifting and a joy to follow. I am always blessed when I enter your space.



  2. Congratulations sweetie and you do receive all the rewards doing the round for sure! Thank you so much for thinking of me. You are so sweet!

    Love the photo! It’s really adorable! Indeed a stunning piece of art. 🙂
    So glad to hear the cookies are done..hehehe.
    Have a stunning day!


    1. Thank ya, Sophia. Takes one to know one!=”You are so sweet!” 😉

      Thanks, it’s a little bit of a blur, but still thought it would cause some to smile. I want stuff like that in our parks around her, or even our zoo.

      Yeah, I thought the cookies were done, but some of those peeps are gonna be out sellin’ em again this weekend. Gracious! We worked four booths, and we’re done for the year. Not everyone has worked a booth, which made me a bit cranky, but I’ll get over it. We’ve done our part, and now I’m taking Saturday for some down time. Sunday will be Funday, goin’ out to the MOVIES!!! Oh, how I miss the MOVIEEEEEES!!!!

      Hope you have a fabuloso day! *hugs back* 😉


  3. That is such a funny photo, really made me laugh. And thank you so much for the award. I don’t have a lot of posts, but I do have several blogs to choose from (all mine) so I might give it a try and see what I can find. I appreciate you thinking of me!


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