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Hallie was feeding the furbabes and saw this little dude playin’ Peek-a-Boo.  She called me and we went out to snap some shots.  He would hide, then poke his head out, then hide again.  We adore squirrels!  They’re so adorable and sweet.  At least the ones we’ve come in contact with have been sweet.  They will bite your finger off if you’re not careful, though.  😉

When I was younger, I’d be layin’ out, catchin’ some rays, and this Granddaddy squirrel would come out and say hello to me.  Every year, the same squirrel would pay me a visit, and it was pretty cool watching him age, year after year.  I say ‘Granddaddy’, because the last couple of times I saw him, he was graying around the eyes and his brown coat was losing its color.

Hope y’all had a fabulous and beautiful day! 




10 thoughts on “Peek-a-Boo

  1. orples says:

    That little fellow looks like he has a nice safe place to call home. He’s so cute. I’m glad you took your camera with you, Carol. I’m even more delighted that you shared your photos with the rest of us. 🙂


    • It was right outside the back door. When I’m at home, that cam is always close by. Ya never know what you’ll need to take a pic of. 😉 A squirrel called that same hole home last year. Might even be the same one. Thanks Marcy. You’re so sweet. 😉


  2. jmgoyder says:

    Oh how this makes me nostalgic for the 5 years of my childhood we spent in Canada – I adored the squirrels and chipmunks! We don’t have them here in Australia. Love the slide-show!


    • Aw, so sad y’all don’t have ’em in Australia. Too hot for ’em there? Thanks. I’ve always loved squirrels, chipmunks, prairie dogs. When I was at Tech School in Biloxi, Mississippi, after Basic Training, I’d sit in the square between dorms and the squirrels would flee from their trees to meet me. We were briefed not to feed them, because they carry diseases, but do you think I listened? I purposely bought some ritz crackers, laid one on my knee, sat down in the square, and the little dudes would run up my leg, sit right there on my knee and eat the crackers. I just can’t resist a furry face. And the little dudes could not resist food. 😉 Thanks for stoppin’ by. Come sit a spell anytime. You’re always welcome here.


  3. Sonel says:

    Awwww! Now isn’t that just adorable? Stunning shots hon and have an awesome day as well! *hugs*


  4. cobbies69 says:

    Fabulous post, a memory that will be for a very long, it reminds of little of something similar when I was a young boy. another story for another time. thanks and well caught…:)


  5. fgassette says:

    Great photos. The animal blends in so well with the tree it’s hard to tell the difference. Great eye for detail.



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