Miss Lilly and the Big Bad Bone

Never mind that this little rugrat is 7 pounds soakin’ wet.  And never mind that this bone is nearly as big as she is.  The girl likes a challenge. 
Lilly, pulling her bone away to safety, away from us, humans.  Probably skeeered we’d try and take it away from her.
No matter how small her chompers are, she’s a dern determined woman when she wants something.  Besides, she truly doesn’t see herself as just a little lap pup; the furchild thinks she’s ten feet tall.  You have not heard her ferocious bark!  We’re talkin’ squeaky toy with a megaphone.  Hurts the ears.


She licked this until her tongue gave out.  Ya should have seen her.  It was kind o’ funny.  And ya see how it was red and brown when she started?  Five hours later, it’s all bone now without the coating and most of the meat on the ends is gone.  There might be a tiny nibble of meat left.  And now that it’s time for bed, she’s sad we put it up till tomorrow.  She cried.  😥  Bless her. 

Hope y’all had a beautiful day!  It was quite lovely out there, although I’m not quite ready for these summer temps.  *sniff*  We didn’t even have a healthy winter, nor spring.  Not looking forward to what real summer has to offer.  I may not hardly notice.  Planning to live under the a/c or find me a nice pool somewhere on the weekends.  😉  Yeah, that sounds good.

I was planning on doing street photography, but with all we needed to do today, time was not on our side, so maybe one day this weekend.  We have more Girl Scout cookie booths Saturday and Sunday.  Blegh!  Glad it’s the last weekend to do this.  FREEDOM!!!  Or freedom for next weekend, that is.

Love ya!  *hug*



Author: Carol B Sessums

Writer, Editor, Coffee Addict, Lover of Mountains. Lives to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time.

17 thoughts on “Miss Lilly and the Big Bad Bone”

  1. Lilly will probably be chewing on that monster on until Christmas. Gee, Carol, you and Hallie must have been out hunting dinosaurs. LOL. Lucky little Lilly, huh? 😉


    1. I know, right?! Hallie got it for her with her allowance money, now that I’m catching her up on her backpay. 😉 She had to buy treats for all the furbabes. And she just thought it would be hilarious getting that ginormous bone for Lilly. It was a pretty funny sight to watch her chowin’ down on that monster. Yeah, my friend, Jennefer, said, “What came first? The dog or the dinosaur bone?” Oh, yeah, Lilly was in hog heaven. 😉


    1. It’s so funny and cute how big they seem to think they are. And it’s just the opposite with our giant dog. Buddy is 100 pounds and he still thinks he’s a little lap puppy. It’s sooo cute. 😉 Nope, not finished the bone quite yet. I’m sure if we had been home today and let her have at it, it would be gone by now.


      1. We have a 3 year old black lab/blue healer Baxter, who is about 56 lbs and a 1 year old terrier mix, Chase who is smaller about 24 lbs, but thinks he is 100 lbs with his bark.


      2. So glad you liked my blog. I love my boys as you probably noticed 😉 My husband says I would trade him for them if I had to. I look forward to following your site.


      3. Yeah, ain’t nothin’ like those furbabies. There like extra children. Your hub sounds funny and he knows his place, huh? haha! Just joshin’. I look forward to following your site, too. I’m a bit behind, but plan to catch up Saturday. 😉


      4. My husband does know the dogs are spoiled and he is ok that they do come before him sometimes 😉 I know what you mean about being behind on following posts, I get that way myself. Thanks for following my posts 🙂


      5. LOL. I’m trying to get up a little earlier to answer comments and check out others’ blogs. At least I can check out a few each morning. 😉 And thank you for following mine, as well. *hug*


  2. hehehehe, this looks so familiar. We also only give Simba the big bones and of course, don’t try and touch that! Stunning pics hon! Lilly is absolutely adorable!
    Have a great weekend. 🙂


    1. This is her first HUGE bone, and it won’t be the last. She loves that thing. And we thoroughly enjoyed watching her gnawing at it and licking it to death. Her poor little tongue. Thanks Sophia. My weekend will be ok after the girl scout cookies are done. Blegh! Hope yours is an awesome one! *hug*


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