I’m Taggin’ Along, Ok?

No, I’m not gonna tag you, I’m just gonna tag along with this game that I’ve been tagged in, by my friend, Lorely, but I’ll only answer the questions, since I’ve already played this game a couple o’ times.  If that’s ok with you.  😉  I do not want to forward and get shot with that cyber rubber band again.  That left a mark last time!

1.  Looking back, which author did you most love in that transition between childhood and becoming an adult? 

There are many authors I love from that time period (another era!), but I’d have to say Lucy Maud Montgomery was my favorite, and is still one of my favorites.  I adore Anne of Green Gables, and I cannot tell you enough how much I saw myself as her.  I wanted to be her.  I know there are many others I admire from that youthful time, but Ms. Montgomery is the first lady I thought of.

2.  Which 5 plants or species would you always want growing in your garden (or hypothetical garden).

You didn’t say what kind of garden, so I’ll pick from different gardens, if that’s alright:  (a) Aloe; (b) Blueberries; (c) Strawberries; (d) Tomatoes; (e) Legumes

3.  What would you try to save if the house went up in flames and you knew all the people and animals were safely out?

Well, my Bible is replaceable and you can find those in every bookstore, so I’d have to say my photographs.  Those are some of my most prized possessions and they are not replaceable.  I wish I had time to put them all on flash drives, so all I’d have to do is grab the box of flashdrives and save ALL my photos.  I can’t tell you how many photo albums, scrapbooks and boxes of photos I have, plus some are only on my computer and a few are on flashdrive.  I need to get busy!

4.  Which country/city in the world (that you have never been to) would you most like to visit and why?

Paris, France and somewhere in Hawaii.  I’ve always wanted to see Paris, and Hallie talks about it all the time, too.  I’ve wanted to visit Hawaii as long as I can remember.  Both are beautiful and they seem like a dream.  Disney was a dream all my life, until I finally got to go in 2007.  Best vacation of my life, thus far.  And a dream come true.

5.  What’s the number one favorite piece of music/song you would take to your desert island?

Probably not what you’d expect.  Ok, the first thing that came to mind was the silly songs Hallie made up when she was younger.  I have her singing on tape.  She’s always been creative with making up stories and songs and whenever I listen to them, they make me smile and laugh and it’s good medicine.  I listen to the tapes when she’s away at her dad’s or on a trip without me and I’m missing her.  It always makes me feel better.

6.  Do you read using a Kindle or would you if you could?

I’m not sure.  I mean, I’m sure I don’t have a Kindle, but Hallie does.  I’m not sure if I’d use it.  I like the idea of the compactness of it and how 1000’s of books can be stored on it, so I’d probably use it some.  But, I’d still like to read actual books, hold them in my hand, visit the bookstore and library and smell the books.  I LOVE that OLD book smell.  And there’s just something about holding a book in your hands, ya know?

7.  What individual item of food would you not eat, even if it was served to you at the Queen/President’s dinner table? (Something ordinary, we’re not talking about sheep’s eyeballs here!)

English peas.  I love them in Campbell’s Split Pea Soup with ham and bacon, and I love the green legumes, but I detest English peas by themselves as a serving.  Or red beans and rice.  YUCK!  Cannot stand red beans!  Nasty!  I’m not fond of green beans, but I can force myself to eat those.  Oh, or beets!  I will be sick if those are placed in front of me.  I’d say BEETS are the worst!

8.  If you found an unexpected $20 in the bottom of your coat pocket, what would you spend it on – books, wine, plants, clothes, bills…?

Hmmm….  I’d have to say bills or a new blouse.  I need some new clothes.  I’m not good about buying myself new clothes.  I bought a couple of new blouses and a pair of nice slacks the other day, but before that, it’s probably been at least a year or longer since I bought myself anything new.  I buy Hallie all the clothes.  Plus, her dad gives her money to buy clothes when he knows we are going shopping.  He’s pretty sweet about that.

9.  If your car could be any color you want, what color would it be?

Well, mine is a stormy blue, and that’s her name, ‘Stormy Blue’.  I’d keep that color or I’d have a nice calm shade of green, like a meadow green or sage, sort of a soft green with a little blue mixed in.

10.  Looking back, what do you most regret not buying (no matter how big or small)

Hmmm…  Gotta think about that one.  I really can’t think of anything right now.

11.  Do you still have your childhood teddy bear? If so, what is he/she called?

I don’t remember having a teddy bear.  I got a little stuffed doggie when I was three or five years old.  I was sick and Mama bought me this little peach dog with brown ears.  He made me well.  For years, he’s caught my germs, my tears, my love, heard all my secrets, and yes, I still have him.  He is Peaches, the Wonderdog!  I will keep him forever.  You cannot take him from me.  😉

And, with that, I will leave you with one more hiking picture and a plethora of them tomorrow.  😉

  😉Aw, man! Posting this picture reminds me… Ya know, I remember standing in this particular spot. I remember so vividly, because not only was it an amazing hike to get here, and the beauty of my surroundings took my breath away, but I so well remember the fresh fragrance of juniper. Oh, it was delicious! The reason this is a big deal for me is because livin’ down in Mississippi, the humidity has killed my sniffer. My sense of smell just pretty much sucks for the most part. But when I travel to somewhere where there’s very little to zero humidity, my smeller works! And it’s just very cool to me. It’s really the little things, ya know?

Hope y’all had an awesomely beautiful day!  *hug*


Day 67 of my Project 366


Author: Carol B Sessums

Writer, Editor, Coffee Addict, Lover of Mountains. Lives to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time.

8 thoughts on “I’m Taggin’ Along, Ok?”

  1. Beautiful post once again hon! Oh, I would love to have a kindle. Then I can lie on my bed and read my ebooks..hehehe! Lovely answers once again and now we know you just a little more…:) Awesome photo sweetie! Have a great day as well! *hugs*


    1. Yeah, Hallie loves her Kindle. She LOVES to read, and play games, and listen to music, and… Is there nothing you can’t do on these electronics? I think it may even have an app that washes the dishes for you. 😉 The games are kind ‘o fun, when I make time to actually do them. Thanks, Sophia. You are such a sweetheart. Hope you have a great day. Every day has been awesome for me, especially with my new job! Love it! And I can breathe a sigh of relief. I’m starting to adjust to the changes of going all day again at a job. I was soooo tired for the first few days, but I’m getting more energy with each day, thank Goodness. I forgot how hectic it was with working all day, driving home, turning into the bionic woman, cooking supper, washing dishes, helping Hallie with her homework and studying, and running to Girl Scout meetings, etc. Crazy! But we can do it. 😉 *hugs back*


      1. Oh, I am sure she does. I would love mine as well! hehehehe. But I only need an ebook reader for all my ebooks. It’s a bit uncomfortable to sit in front of the pc reading all the time as I get tired and would just love to lie on the bed or go sit in a nice, sunny spot in winter and read them all. But I will get me one, one of these days! 🙂 I just love this technology! We are so spoiled! hehehehe

        I am so glad to hear that the job is so great sweetie! You really deserve a good job like that and sometimes I feel I would love to go out and work again but won’t last for the whole day. By 1pm I’m getting sluggish and then I have to go and lie down and of course, I can’t handle stress at all and get migraines so bad that I can’t see out of my eyes. It’s terrible. Maybe one day…maybe half a day. And yes, I know about the bionic woman thingy. I worked for about 12 years and it really takes everything from a woman. We can do it if we must but how we get through it and how I got through it, I really don’t know even today! LOL! Just make sure you get some vitamins hon. Keep your body strong. Sorry, do I sound like your mom now? LOL!

        *big hugs*


      2. Yes, now that I have a job, I will, or may get an electronic reader. Gotta save for a little while and pack my savings again, since that’s gone. Also saving to go on a vacation in a year. But, will contemplate what sort of reader I’d like to get eventually.
        It really is nice to have a job I’m enjoying. And enjoying the people I’m surrounded with, which aren’t many, and I’m happy about that, as well. Three guys and one girl, and the girl is really sweet. No more drama! I don’t do drama well and the little cliques. When I was little, I always thought, “Oh, I can’t wait to grow up and get away from all these back-stabbing, gossipy, stuck-up, rude, bratty kids.” Had no idea that it only gets worse. Ha! Nice that there are some great people in the world, too. There are some good adults, I guess. I’ll always be a kid, though, in a grown-up’s body. 😉
        I do like having this job, mostly because we really needed the money. Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather be at home, while making money if that was possible. I enjoyed that extra time I had with Hallie, more time to blog, read other’s blogs, clean the house, and such. Hard to find time for anything now. I miss picking her up from school and that bit of playtime after school. She misses it, too, but she’s happy that we can go to the movies again and go shopping for clothes. 😉
        I reckon I’ll be workin’ till the day I die. I hate that, but gotta make money. I don’t see myself ever getting married again, so it’s work-work-work for me. I don’t think I’m the marrying kind. Too hard to find a man that will respect you and be your best friend and partner and lover and defend you and back you up and be on your side. There aren’t many good ones left. You and Mama REALLY lucked out. If it’s meant for me, it’ll be a miracle from God. I’m glad I married, though, because I got the greatest gift in the world from that marriage, but probably won’t marry again. Just so happy and thankful every single day for that shwweeeet baby!!
        Enjoy being at home and doing your own thing and not working, having time with the hubs, your photography, walking, Simba, etc. Never take that freedom for granted, because it’s pretty awesome. I am really sad about your not feeling well, especially the migraines. I do understand those! I used to get them and NO FUN! It’s been a year or two maybe since I had one, thank Goodness! Prayers sent up on your behalf for you to feel well every day and find new energy, good health and no more migraines.
        Yes, gotta take those vitamins. My prob is the majority of the time, we forget to take them. I’m not much of a supplement sort of person. Vitamins are good, I know. I just forget we have them. We do make sure to belly laugh daily, so that’s good medicine. 😉 Yes, Mom, I hear ya. tehe!
        *big hugs back*


    1. Girl, I don’t EVEN know. I’m trying to get up earlier than normal, so I still get ME time, which is not much, but at least I can still get a few minutes to blog and check out my peeps. Sometimes, I run out of time and have to finish at night. Depends on how long I let myself sleep in the morning. I can only hit that snooze so many times. 😉 Thanks Marcy.


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