Anyone Up For Some Hikin’?

Oh, how well I remember this day.  Sedona, Arizona, July 2010.  Just one o’ many, many stops on our 5,300+ mile roadtrip, which was so completely awesome.  I adore Sedona.  Beautiful.  Hot, but dry.  Fun shoppin’.  Great hiking!  Good food.  I wanted to do some scramblin’ so bad that it hurt, but I refrained.  I don’t want Hallie doin’ it, so I’d better not do it.  Just gonna post a photo of where we did a little hikin’ during our short stay here.  I’ll post more of these pics tomorrow.  My comp is rather lethargic this evening, much like I’m feelin’.  Time for bed. 

I’d like to go back to Sedona and spend about a week, shopping, hiking and eatin’.


I do love me some rocks, y’all, especially if it means I get to climb ’em.  😉  One of my mostest fun things to do.  😉

Hope y’all had a beautiful day!  *hug*

Oh, and some of you asked if I really talk this way (y’all, etc.).  Yup!  I type just like I talk.  I am educated and I went to college.  I just prefer to write like I talk, so it’s sort of like we’re havin’ a conversation.  If we were talking face-to-face, this is what I’d be sayin’ and how I’d be sayin’ it, and I’d be sayin’ it with a long, southern, slow drawl.  Unless, of course, I’m excited or nervous.  Then, I sound like a monkey on crack!  About 90 miles an hour!  But still with the southern drawl, just speedy.  😉  Just listen to Paula Deen, but maybe not as drawn out.  A Mississippi magnolia drawl is not quite as long and drawn out as the Georgia peaches.  😉


Day 66 of my Project 366.  Yea!


Author: Carol B Sessums

Writer, Editor, Coffee Addict, Lover of Mountains. Lives to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time.

8 thoughts on “Anyone Up For Some Hikin’?”

  1. Whahahahahaha! Now you made me laugh with the southern drawling. I love that kind of accent and just the other day I watched a movie where the woman had that southern drawl! So sexy! And for the life of me I can’t remember what movie that was! I watch too many movies and forget half of them. LOL! I’ve never heard a monkey on crack and that must be quite interesting! Whahahahahahha! I talk faster too when I get nervous and when excited I get louder and louder and then I start mixing my afrikaans with my english and later on I have no idea what I am talking about. Usually I then turn around saying I am on my way going to shoot myself in the head…hehehe

    Lovely post sweetie and I really enjoyed!
    Have a wonderful day!


    1. Girl, you think that southern drawl is sexy? Ha! Just to let you know, I cannot stand to hear my voice. My drawl grates on my nerves. And Paula Deen just gets all up in my nerves! Love her cookin’ and recipes, but CANNOT stand to listen to her. I love accents from Africa, Australia, England, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, but I cannot stand my southern drawl. With that said, I’m just really not me without it, so I do type like I talk. At least I don’t have to hear myself talk it. 😉
      I don’t know WHY I get all speedy and have that ‘crazy talk’ when I’m excited or nervous. I’m sure it makes others just as crazy to hear me as it does for me to hear myself. LOL! I need to learn to chill. Like my dad said when my parents came to visit me in Montana (and I had picked up their speedy talk), “Can ya slow it down to 30, please?” He said I talked nearly 90 miles an hour. LOL! I’m sure, with the speedy talkers up there, along with my being excited to see them. Ha!
      You are killin’ me with mixin’ your afrikaans with your english and getting louder and louder. We are so alike with our nervousness and getting flustered. 😉 Oh, I totally get you. I have to leave the scene sometimes, because I forget what I was talking about. My train gets derailed. That train o’ thought ain’t like it used to be.
      I love reading your words. You always make me smile, sister! Thank you, Sophia. Hope you have a wonderful day!
      *love and hugs*


      1. LOL! Just like you would think my english accent is nice or think it’s sexy when you hear me speaking afrikaans. That is just how I feel when I hear people speak with lovely accents like yours. Oh, I love the Texan accent as well! Maybe I was a southern gal or a cowgirl in a previous life! Who know? LOL! I love cowboy movies as well and especially when Clint Eastwood plays in them and when they start eating those bake beans I would get soooooo hungry! Can you imagine! Whahahah! Told you I’m crazy!

        Anyways, I don’t know why I get that speedy as well..hehehe. Guess it’s just a “thing” we have. Like the men have their “man thing”. Well, I suppose we can have our “woman thing” as well. We have to have something, or what do you think? 😛

        Whahahaha, my train not only gets derailed, mine misses the station completely and utterly most of the times but oh what, everyone that knows me are used to that and I think they take it in their stride and also because they’re too scared of me to say anything in any case! LOL!

        I love reading your comments as well hon and you make me smile too! Have a wonderful day too and a great weekend and big hugs, love and smooches to you and Hallie! MWAH! xxx


      2. I bet you were a southern belle or cowgirl in another life. Speaking of that, do you ever have deja vu? Do you ever have what you think are memories from another life?
        I could sooooo be a cowgirl! I’d love to work the range, rustle of cattle, sleep out under the stars. Well, maybe for a little while. I do love my bed, and heating and air conditioning. 😉
        Hahaha! Girl, I know what you’re sayin’ about gettin’ hungry when ya see ’em eatin’ those baked beans. Yummo! I get hungry, too. 😉 Looks sooo good and I know it tastes good! We sometimes have chili dogs, baked beans, chips or fries on lazy cookin’ nights. It’s a real treat, but we love to cook the hot dogs over the fire pit outside, then fix our chili dogs, with the baked beans on the side. Eat up, then go back out and roast marshmallows. Perfect treat for a chilly evening. 😉 Ok, officially hungry now. Gonna go fix some leftover pepperoni pizza, although that won’t help me with my craving for baked beans, chili dogs and then marshmallows for dessert. 😉
        Hurry and come home, Hallie, so we can have a chili dog night. 😥
        Folks scared? Of you? Why on earth would they be scared of you? Do you make yourself seem unapproachable? Or do ya slam ’em when they question you? Haha! I can be pretty unapproachable. Several of my friends have told me that they think I make myself look unapproachable. I can’t help it. Sometimes, I can be open and friendly, but most of the time, I’m just scared of people, and go do what I need to do and go home. Most of the time, I don’t even make eye contact. LOL. I’m sure it looks as if I hate people. I don’t hate them, they just scare me.
        Oh, and my train jumps the track, misses the track, misses the station and sometimes, just disappears from sight completely. LOL
        Have an awesome weekend! I’m about to go to the grocery store all alone. Whaaaaaaaaa! I miss my babykins. And Mama is feeling tired and achey, so I’m going it alone today. It’s alright, though. I’ll get in, get out and get home. 😉 *hugs, love, smooches* I’ll send Hallie your comments when she calls or texts again. 66 texts from her yesterday. Bless her.


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