Jumping For Joy!!!

Ok, so it’s not a picture of anyone jumping for joy but if I enjoyed being in front of the cam, I’d have Hallie get snappy and capture me on film.  Since I’m not in my comfort zone there, I’ll just type about my jumping.  😉

I got myself a job today, y’all!  Awesome!  Stellar!  Groovy!  Tripindicular!  I’m so happy.  Hallie’s so happy.  Mama’s so happy.  My chums around here are…you guessed it…so happy.  I just wanted to thank the Good Lord above for all He does for us every day, for wonderful family who loves me no matter what, and for awesome friends like you that are there for me, who said some prayers, crossed your fingers and your toes.  I am truly thankful and very blessed!  Thanks, y’all!

And I know I’ve been slackin’ lately.  I promise to make more time to do what’s important to me, and improving my blogging skills, keeping in touch, checkin’ on my peeps, spending more time takin’ pictures.  I’m plannin’ on gettin’ up early from now on to make some time for some of these things.

I love you guys!  Y’all have yourselves a beautiful day or lovely evening, depending on where you are.  I’m about to close it down for the day, and chill with my little chicklet for just a little while before we turn in.