Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

Indulge in the beauty that surrounds you every single day.

The sky is God’s canvas
He is a Master Artist. The Master Artist.
The Dude is a Genius! And I cannot get enough of His Art.

Not just about the art of the sky, which is awesome and spectacular and one of my favorite things about life. It’s also about the beauty that God creates when he crafts the trees, the flowers, the grass, the creatures that walk, climb, slither, crawl, jump and fly. And the beauty of the human spirit. He really does know what He’s doing.

Ok, y’all, I was walking around last night and got snappy, because, as you can see, the sky is just breathtaking. At least, it took my breath away. I put all these pics in backwards, from last to first, but oh well. I’ve had a very activity-filled day, running around, getting things done, having fun, and now, I’m crashin’ on the couch with my babe, watching a movie, so I’m outta here. Just wanted to get this in so y’all could share in the beauty of the day, or evening, wherever you are. Everyone needs beauty in their life every day. The sky gives me peace and awe and inspiration. What sorts of things give you these feelings?

Hey, I love you guys, and I hope y’all have a breathtakingly beautiful day or evening, or whatever time zone you happen to be in wherever you are. *big squishy hug*

-Carol 😉

Enjoy the view…