Just Passing Through

Just gonna do a short and sweet one today.  Feeling a bit out of it.  Tired, sluggish, achy, wrestling with life, stressin’, blah, blah, blah.  Just hope I’m not comin’ down with somethin’.  I don’t usually get sick.  We all have those off days, though, right?  Here’s to feeling better tomorrow.  😉

Today, I’m just posting a picture on sort of how I feel today.  Tomorrow, I’m hopeful it’ll be a happy photo, or even a silly or interesting one.  I trust each of you have had more of an upbeat sort of day.  Back to my silly self tomorra.  A little blah, just passing through.  That’s all.

With that said, I can still find beauty in the day.  The sun was shining a bit today and that’s always nice.  Even in this photo, I can find beauty.



Day 53 of my Project 366, even though I didn’t feel much like posting today.  I did it anyway.  😉


22 thoughts on “Just Passing Through

  1. Sonel says:

    Oh sweetie, don’t I know those days! Well, here’s wishing you a sunny, beautiful, stress-free, energetic, lovely day! And that is a gorgeous photo by the way! 🙂 *big hugs*


    • Oh, Sophia, I could just hug ya! Perhaps a good night’s sleep is all I needed, ’cause I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed. 😉 It is actually a sunny, beautiful, lesser stressed, energetic, lovely day! So, your wish came true! And mine too. Thanks! Woke up feeling sooo much better, a bit more rested, happier, more optimistic, which is always a good thing. Sometimes, my faith weakens, but then becomes strong again. Thanks for the uplifting words and thoughts, my dear friend. *big hugs back* 😉


      • Sonel says:

        You are very welcome my dear friend. I’m the same…if I don’t get enough rest or sleep, it catches up with me and stress is a big no-no. I am so very glad that you are feeling so much better sweetie. Yes, that is my problem too… but I believe we have to have those days just to remind us that we can’t do it alone and that we are not alone. Have a great day/evening hon. *big hugs*


      • Yeah, stress is the worst! I hate it when I let it control my mood and then my body. You’re right = “big no-no”. 😉 It is good to know we are not alone. Thanks for your friendship! You have a great day and evening, too, sistah! *big squishy hug*


  2. Maggie L R says:

    I too hope that you find sunshine in your heart in the morning. I like the way the branches all point to the center


    • Thank you so much, Maggie. I did find sunshine this morning, inside and out! Beautiful day with lots of awesome possibilities! Great things are waiting for me. And you! Thanks. I LOVE tree branches and interesting skies. 😉


  3. Zarchaspo says:

    Hope what ever it is passes quickly. Stay strong 🙂


    • I’m soooo much better today! I think I just needed a good night’s sleep. Enjoying a beautiful, sun-shiny day, inside and out! Thanks for the laughter this morning. Your post was a hoot and a toot! Bwahahaha! Thanks Zarchaspo! 😉


  4. sonsothunder says:

    Well, you made me feel better anyway… \o/ praise the Lord


  5. cobbies69 says:

    we all have these days, picture is very apt for mood..;)


  6. Judee says:

    I see you posted this yesterday, so I hope you are better. I do understand, though, today is one of those days for me – I feel like I’m coming down with something, but usually when I feel like this it does go away. I hope it has gone away for you. ((hugs))


    • Oh Judee, I’m soooo much better today. Think I just needed some good sleep. That helped a ton! Woke up feeling rested and my body is not all wrapped up in knots today. Just icky yesterday, I guess. Tons of stuff just rained down on me, but it’s all washed away now. Yea!!!

      I’m so sorry you are having one of those blegh days today, sweetie. Drink ya up some water – that’ll flush out your system, some orange juice or vitamin C chewable will help knock out any incoming illness, I hope. Try to get a little sunshine on your face = good ole vitamin D! Mostly what helped me was grabbing my faith back, sleeping well and waking up to possibilities. Plus, the sunshine out there doesn’t hurt! Sending prayers and hugs your way, dear friend. *squishy hugs* 😉


      • Judee says:

        Thank you Carol, you are so sweet. I am better today, like I said, I sometimes feel like I’m getting sick, but then it passes. As for sunshine, well, sadly I’m allergic. Yep, you read that right. Long story, but I can’t be out in the sun for long without getting rashes.
        Oh well, I never did tan properly anyway. 😉


      • Wow, bless your heart! I have heard of folks being allergic to sunlight. That sure stinks. Yeah, I don’t tan too well, either. Must be all that Irish blood in me, or maybe it’s the English. I think the only indian I got went into my cheekbones. 😉 Glad to hear you are doing better today, Judee.


  7. Well done, Carol! Me too. Monday. Sick as a dog. Dull headache, acute stomach-ache, hacking cough, voice gone, cold and shivering. Went to my doctor. He said make an appointment with the nurse, get a blood sample taken. Appointment for Wednesday made but I felt so terrible Tuesday night I phoned the night doctor and out of the darkness at 1.30 am. came Doctor Miller with his atmosphere of calm and sympathy
    and reassurance. Recovering hurrah hurrah!


  8. Cee Neuner says:

    Congratulations on your post for today!!! I’ve had plenty of those days! I loved your photograph by the way!!!


  9. orples says:

    Actually, Carol, say what you will. That is a nice shot. The bare trees against the sky always have a different story to tell. Hope you are feeling better by now. 😉


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