A-Z Archive: G Challenge

Guitar Girl

or at least she used to be.  She loved playing guitar, and probably stayed with that activity longer than anything else, besides Girl Scouts.  My rockin’ guitar girl.  😉

I’m usually earlier at posting, but it’s been a day full of activities and haircuts.  I got about ten inches chopped off, and I LOVE it.  Hallie got a couple of inches off, long layers, framing her pretty face.  We are both feelin’ wild and crazy, sassy, funky and fun.  Needed THAT!

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Author: Carol B Sessums

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19 thoughts on “A-Z Archive: G Challenge”

    1. Aw, thanks. She really was. She was great about practicing, the guitar at least. She played piano/ keyboard for a while but wasn’t really into it like I was. I LOVED the keyboard. We took piano lessons at the same time, actually. I’d wanted to learn since I was a child, but wasn’t allowed, so she and I learned together, when she became interested in it. She lost interest, and wanted to take up guitar instead, so I gave up my piano lessons to take her to guitar. Only so much time in a week, ya know? Plus, she had Girl Scouts, soccer, etc. And my world revolves around her. I will go back and take piano again one day, though, probably when she’s older. When she goes off to vet school, I’ll need more hobbies. 😉 That keyboard you see in the background belongs to her guitar instructor. He was awesome!


    1. That was her favorite color and when we were looking for a guitar, she went ballistic when she saw it. ha! My mom surprised her with it. Great expression when she opened it. 😉 That’s still her favorite color, and aqua, along with lime green. Thanks Paul.


    1. Thanks Claudia. I never got to really try those things that interested me as a child (and that’s okay, because I still learned something), so that inspired me to give Hallie every opportunity I could, so she could find things she enjoyed, as well as those things for which she’s talented. The kid has done ballet, computer tots, Tae Kwon Do, piano, guitar, soccer, voice lessons, Girl Scouts, volunteering, and I’m sure there’s more. It’s all about living it up – enjoying life as much as we can while we can. I’ll be happy when I’m working again and can afford more fun and educational lessons for her. Everything in its time…


      1. Aw, thanks Claudia. I’m blessed to have her as my daughter. I think I could be a better mom, and I try to improve daily. I want to make her as happy as she makes me, while still raising her properly. She makes me want to be a better person. I’ve never met anyone quite like her. 😉


  1. Well, a little…here are a few of the songs the Lord Jesus has given me to write for His kingdom…( Though online recording is not up to Parr ) http://godandmetunes.webs.com/
    But, the words at the top of your site a paramount in this situation.
    As far as the Photo on my site, and my ( Regret) within,,,It is indeed amazing what we can see through the eyes of others…I bet your daughter would get it right off…
    Bless You


  2. now my daughters are aged forty – and I was surprised, as they told me, the best I, as father, had given to them was the love to guitar playing; all my grandsons share this opinion …


  3. Hallie looks intent on her music. My oldest son’s guitar was like his wife when he was growing up. Now he has about 6 of them and loves each and every one. He also plays them all for his personal pleasure and of course, when jamming with his buds. All I ever got out of my efforts playing was bloody fingers and broken strings. ;(


    1. She was pretty intent and we could see improvement daily. One day, she just wanted to give it a rest. Now, she wants to pick it back up, but we’ll have to wait a little while, unfortunately. 😦 Glad your oldest son has something he loves so much. Poor you with your bloody fingers and broken strings. *hug* Yeah, it took a while for Hallie to build up calluses on her fingertips. Didn’t think we were going to make it through all that. She’d play and cry, because her fingers hurt. I felt like I was being mean Mama for making her stick with it, but I want her to have follow through – something I never really learned. Besides, I think if you sign up to do something, you should see it through, at least for one full season, which to me is 4-6 months, then decide if you want to stay or go. Nothing is worthwhile or is an accomplishment if it all comes easy.


      1. Good Morning Carol,
        At this point, I can’t even imagine James without a guitar. I think his music soothes his soul. As for me, I have no talent in music, other than having a good ear for it, which I use as I am working on projects more up my alley. You are so right about giving things 6-8 months, then deciding if they are worth the time, or not. I tend to stretch things out for years, then decide “Why am I doing this?” LOL. Think of the lost time spend if the glove doesn’t fit. Live and Learn. If Hallie is meant to play, she will. In the meantime, it is worthwhile dabbling in all of the options we have. You never know. Your young lady might one day end up in a band, or at the very least sitting around with friends jamming. The guitar is well worth exploring though, so more power to Hallie.


      2. I don’t know that I have talent in music or not. I know I loved playing the cello in school when I was in fifth grade, but we moved again (we moved around a lot), so I couldn’t keep playing, plus they didn’t have a Strings class at my new school. I completely enjoyed playing the piano a couple of years ago when I was learning piano and Hallie was taking voice lessons, but when she wanted to quit, I couldn’t afford piano for me over here and guitar for her over there, plus she needed help with her stuff, so my stuff was put off, which is fine. One day, I will pick something musical back up, whether that be the piano, guitar or cello, if nothing else but for a fun, soothing hobby. I actually studied (pre-Hallie) that having a child practice/learn a musical instrument before or by the age of 8, that it’s great for manipulating/exercising the spatial area of the brain, which is good for mathematics, and since I suck at math, she needed all the help she could get. 😉 Turns out, the kid is pretty great at math. Straight A’s across the board, and she did not acquire her math genius from me nor her father. 😉 I also have played music for her ever since she was in the womb, putting the headphones on my belly so she could “hear” and she LOVED Mozart. I played every type of music and she picked Mozart. Wierd, right? I prefer classic rock and pop rock. But she’d move around and get wiggly and kicky, and I’d put on Mozart, and she’d simmer down. She was going to church at 2 weeks old. Never a peep. So, perhaps listening to, as well as learning an instrument enhances brain activity. She’s been an A student since Kindergarten. Who knows. All I know is music is magic stuff – listening to it, singing with it, playing it – it’s all magic and it soothes the soul. I don’t know if she’ll end of playing music or not. She loses interest pretty quickly when it comes to music. That’s the only reason I wouldn’t let her be in band at school. Once she was in it, she’d have to stay, whether she loved it or hated it. If she showed more enthusiasm with sticking with music, then this would be a different story, but I’m just not sure that’s where her talent lies. Not to say she’ll never play music again, just not in band. 😉


  4. Hi Carol, I’m sure just giving Hallie the opportunity to test the waters for now is sufficient. Trying a little of this and a little of that along the way gives a kid the chance to discover their true selves. I’m sure she’ll bloom in her own time and along her own path as she is destined to do. It is wonderful that she has a mother that gives her the chance to explore. All three of my kids have completely different interests. My middle son is a jeweler, which didn’t/doesn’t surprise me in the least. When he was two years old, he shocked my sister by doing a hand dive down her shirt. She exclaimed “What kind of a little pervert are you raising?” LOL. He was going for her necklace. It was funny. My youngest child is a Realtor, a student (taking advantage of his military credits) in computer programing, gaining credits to use in the business that he and his fiance’ began about 6 years ago (QT Inventory). The business is really beginning to take off now. He is also recently quit working as a waiter, so in a nut shell, he is a go-getter. My oldest son is a web designer, net-worker, and computer trouble shooter, who has bailed me out of multiple computer nightmares. It just depends on what toots their horn I guess. All are successful in their own right. I’m trying to brainwash them to become rich and successful so I can become fat and lazy. LOL. I’m not sure which one is going to achieve that goal first, but I sure do have fun encouraging them to keep reaching for those stars. 😉


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