A Dreary Day

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A dreary day, much like my mood.  Gonna go get busy and try to get out of this funk I’m in.  Still, choosing to find beauty in the day.



Day 33 of Project 366


9 thoughts on “A Dreary Day

  1. cobbies69 says:

    your pictures look quite enlightening.. nice shots


  2. Cee Neuner says:

    My day yesterday was like that. Your photos are wonderful!!!


    • Don’t ya just hate down days like that? I try to stay uplifted every day. Stay positive. Being laid off for nearly a year is really playing with my head, especially lately. I know it’ll pass, though. I do feel more positive today. I know good things will happen. I just lose patience and wish they’d happen sooner, rather than later. Gotta focus on the good stuff – Hallie, Mama, friends like you, good health, etc. The list of good things goes on and on, so I’ll just try to look at those things.

      Thanks. There’s just something about stormy skies, stormy backgrounds that call to me, like nothing else.


  3. fgassette says:

    Love your photos. Just think, those bare trees are just getting ready for the birth of spring. They need this stage to prepare for this transformation.



    • Thanks Francine. I actually think the trees are confused, as well as the rest of my yard. Things are sprouting up and blooming all over the place. One day it’s 28 degrees. The next week is 70 and my yard believes Spring has sprung. We are in for some chillin’ days still to come, not too far from now. February is usually one of our coldest months. Yet, my daffodils and spirea have popped up all over the place! So, did the groundhog see his shadow, or not?


  4. katehobbs says:

    I love to see some of the trees just on the verge of breaking out. And do I see some winter blossom too? There are just some beautiful hints of pink in your photos. Very encouraging. Come on Sunshine, we just need you.


    • Oh, I do, too. As I was telling Francine, my yard is confused – not knowing is Spring has come early or if Winter will be settling in, yet. Yep, winter blossom, too. Thanks Ms. Kate. And yes, please Sunshine, come here! It’s been raining out there since before I rose this morning, and the weather peeps say rain all day long. Blegh! I mean, I like rain, but not every single day. 😦 Need sun on my face and in my heart. Although, it is a good excuse to work on my writing. 😉


  5. Overcast days can be good for nature photography, especially if your camera lets you get close to things.

    Steve Schwartzman


    • Love overcast, stormy, rainy skies. Especially stormy grays and dark blues lined with silver and white. Seems to illuminate the greens in everything, making the trees and grass seem more ALIVE with color.


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