Silly Lilly

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This is our Miss Lilly Margaret.  We just call her Lilly, or Silly Lilly, Lilly Pad, Mexican Jumpin’ Bean, Lill the Pill (because, at times, she can be), etc.  When she’s in trouble, it’s always LILLY MARGARET!  Ya know how we southerners always call our kids by the first and middle names when they’re in trouble.  😉  Well, that goes for our fur-kids, too. 

So, you’ve met Bug, Buddy, and here’s Lilly.  We’ll introduce the other furbabes in later days.  If ya can’t tell by now, we are animal crazy.  No, we don’t put their names on the Christmas cards but we do include their pictures in the family collage we send out.  😉  Our families just wouldn’t be complete without our leeetle furry loves.

Lilly joined our family when she was 12 weeks.  She’ll be 3 years old in March.  These are some of her baby pictures, with some of her blankies and toys.  Her first toy was Squeaky Bear.  She carried that little dude everywhere!  She still has it, though all the stuffing and squeaker is gone now.  She still loves to play with it and carry it around.

And if you can’t tell, she’s a miniature long-haired black & tan dachshund.  She smiles with and without teeth.  She laughs, even in her sleep.  She snores like a small child, and sometimes like a big, burly man!  ha!  You think I’m kiddin’?  She talks in her sleep, yips in her sleep, and cries out in her sleep, probably while dreaming of Tiger pinning her down.  Tiger is our little wrestler.  The kid (Lilly) is very hyper, except when she’s napping, or watching tv with us.  She loves watching Dog Whisperer, playing hide and seek (and is excellent at playing the game), and wrestling with our cat, Tiger. 

Tiger was raised with Buddy, so he loves dogs.  Carlie, on the other hand (our other cat), was not, and will not give a dog the time of day.  She’s very prissy and stuck up…to dogs, at least.  She loves people.  She’s even snobby toward Tiger most of the time, but then he does whoop her butt on a daily basis.  He’s a bully and he loves to pin her down.  He pretty much gets popped daily.  He actually has homicidal tendencies.  He’s tried to kill me on several occasions.  I’ll explain more when I post his pics.  😉

Lilly said hello.

Y’all have a beautiful day.  Stormy here last night but gorgeous and sunny out there now.  Love it! 




6 thoughts on “Silly Lilly

  1. andy1076 says:

    Lilly’s adorable 😀


    • Aw, thanks Andy. We like her. Think we’ll keep her. Forgot to add she also sings. When Hallie and I are singing, Lilly will join in. It’s the funniest thing ever!!! It’s not howling, nor talking, because she talks plenty. Nope, she’s a singer. Makes us belly laugh, and then we clap and compliment on her wonderful talent. 😉


  2. Gilly Gee says:

    Lilly is very cute 🙂


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