Solid Like A Rock

Walkin’ through Rock City Gardens, Chattanooga, TN, May 2009.

I love ROCKS!  These look like some good climbin’ ones.  😉  Might get in trouble, though.  Although, that hasn’t stopped me before.  Oh, I have a kid now, so I guess I have to behave…only rocks I’m allowed to climb.  *sniff*  I can’t help it.  I’m a scrambler.

This is part 1 of Rock City.  Also, Day 19 of making something every day of the year.  I started in December, but that was just sort of a head start.  I started counting every day, beginning January 1.  Got the idea from Noah Scalin’s  Check out his blog when you get a chance, and his creative books listed on the site.

On another note, and I realize this has nothing to do with the aforementioned…

Things That Make Ya Go, “Hmmmm…”

36 degrees out.  A guy is wearing a jacket and shorts.  Things that make ya go, “Hmmmm.”  Thick fleecy jacket and thin, loose shorts.  I mean, REALLY?  And this is humid weather we have here, so it’s c-c-c-cold (I was shaving ice off the car this morning).  I see this a lot.  Is this supposed to be a fashion trend, a style, or just lack of common sense?  Please.  Someone explain, because I simply do not understand and obviously need enlightenment.  Can this be explained?  Or is he a candidate for What Not to Wear?  I may sound like a rude dude with a bad attitude, but really, I just don’t understand.

That’s all for now.  Y’all have a beautiful day.  *hug*  😉



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