Bridges Over Warren County

The Old Vicksburg Bridge, which stretches between Delta, Louisiana and Vicksburg, Mississippi, was the first bridge built over the lower Mississippi River, which opened to the railway April 28, 1930, and to the roadway May 20 that same year.  This bridge was open for the eighteen foot wide Old US 80 highway and the Kansas City Southern railroad.  Can you imagine joining an oncoming train on that bridge in your little nine foot lane? 

Shortly after the 1930 bridge was built, an underwater landslide caused the first two piers on the east side to shift.  As a result, the metal truss structure leans, just slightly, on that end of the bridge.

The bridge closed the roadway in 1998, but the train still rides the rails.

The new bridge opened to four lanes of traffic (60 feet wide) February 14, 1973.

Due to the slight lean of the old bridge, engineers watched the new bridge for signs of similar movement.  In a two year period from 2000 to 2002, the eastern two piers of the I-20 bridge moved four inches laterally.  They discovered an active fault line running along the riverbed near the east bank of the Mississippi.  

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Author: Carol B Sessums

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