Images of Days Past

Love the wind turbines against this stormy backdrop.  Driving through Kansas, July 2010.

The greatest loves of my life – Mama and Hallie.  Hangin’ out at the Oklahoma City Zoo, July 2010.

 If there are two rainbows, does that mean there are two pots of gold?  Driving through one of the twelve+ states on our July 2010 Roadtrip.

The combination of colors between sunset and stormy sky make it look like the sky’s on fire.  I believe this was Cheyenne, Wyoming, July 2010.

Doesn’t the vibrant crimson on these Mexican Hats look delicious?  Roadtrip July 2010.

These mountains looked animated off in the distance. I couldn’t help myself but to grab these shots. Roadtrip July 2010

The answer to my lifelong prayer. I wished for her since I was two.

Silly Rabbit!  How does she do it?  She can cross one eye or both.   Haha!   Multi-talented, she is.


Can You Find It?

french poodle

Let me know if you need a hint.  What I love about thees leetle fa-reench’ pood-l is that after more than fifteen years, it’s still here.  Rock wall behind Ryan Dam, Great Falls, MT.  I used to live at Malmstrom AFB and came to Ryan Dam all the time.  Although the park has changed a bit, much of it is still the same.  But I must say, it was sad to see how much Great Falls has changed.  Used to be a quaint, clean, awesome town, but, alas, no place ever stays the same, does it?  At least the poodle’s still here.  😉

dog with collar and a candle

I took Mama and Hallie back to my old stompin’ grounds in July 2010 to check out Great Falls and my old haunts.  Mama and Daddy (God rest his sweet soul) had come to visit me here several times, so Mama and I remember how everything used to look, but this was Hallie’s first visit.  However, the only rock picture I remember from back then was the french poodle.

What else can you find?  Oh, and I have a ton of these rock wall pics if you want more.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

This photo, taken 02/12/2010, is the view from the west side of our home.  Had to use a photo from last year, as we haven’t had any good snow this year.   😦  I love how the frosted fingers frame this shot, and if you squint really hard, you can see a cardinal in the center.  I would have zoomed in closer, but the zoom on my camera only goes so far.

I LOVE Winter!  And snow!

*fingers crossed for some beautiful snow days to come again quickly*

What Do You See?

Another planet? Actually, it’s the drippy roof of the cavern just above my head.  Raccoon Mountain Caverns, Chattanooga, TN

Water tunnel?  Natural waterfall in a cavern – beneath Ruby Falls, Chattanooga TN

I’m sure you guessed this one.  Headless horseman – our family Jack-o’-lantern from Halloween

Snow White?  Yes, that’s what we named her, our snow lady with twigs, holly leaves and my favorite scarf.

The view from the west side of our yard?  I see stillness.

Frosted fingers.

Sunset on Lakeland Drive, Flowood, MS

Flying squirrel?  I see hunger.  And love.  Affectionately known as Bug, because when Hallie rescued him, he was the size of one.  Also known as Bugman, Lovebug, the BuggieMan, and Smoochie-face.