Dry As A Bone


And we’re back with Hump Day Haiku – what – week 3?  Here goes…


I wish it would rain

Land is as dry as a bone

Trees die a slow death


In other words, we are in dire need of some rain, ASAP!  Time to do the rain dance again.  C’mon, Hallie.

Y’all have a super duper day filled with nothing but awesomeness!  Happy hump day, guys!  *smooch*  xoxo


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Are We The Deciders of Our Fate?


I know today is the day for the Hump Day Haiku and I’ll get to that but first I wanted to chat with you about something important.  It’s basically a question for you.

My daughter has been going through something recently with some people she believed to be her friends.  Only they are too immature to be friends to anyone.  But then, that’s high school, right?  Thankfully, she does have a few very valuable friends she can count on to lift her up, make her laugh on her bad days, and love her.  Thank You, God!

She was actually thinking of not going to a function because a few of these ex-friends would be there.  I told her she should go, because you should never give your power to someone else.  Not doing something that you love because other rude people will be there is the same thing as giving up your power.  She should not let them get in her way.  She should get in their way.  If they don’t like it, they can leave.  If she didn’t go, it’s giving them the upper hand and they believe they’ve won.  Don’t run and hide.  Take a stand.  Be you.  Do what your heart leads you to do no matter what others do or say.  They are in the wrong.  If you bow down, then you are in the wrong.  Ultimately, it was her decision.  It’s only my job to guide and advise.

So our morning conversation went something like this:

“I decided I’m going,” she said with confidence.

“That’s awesome!  I’m so proud of you!  You’re such a strong person and I love that about you.”

“You helped me.”

“But you are the decider of your fate.”

“You think we decide our fate or is it already decided for us?”

“I believe that God has a plan and he already knows what’s going to happen but we are given free will.  We decide what we will do with what we’ve been given.  We all have dreams and gifts and talents.  God’s plan would most likely be for us to use them and create our lives.  Some do and some do nothing with what they’ve been given.  We have a choice.  God helps us when we ask him but we have to do our part and take action.  I don’t believe it’s God’s plan that we do nothing with what we’ve been given.  He’d want us to go after what our heart calls us to do.  We decide.”

What do you think?  Do you believe it’s all been planned out for us?  Do you believe whatever happens – happens?  Do you believe there’s even a plan for each of us?  Or do you believe that we are all given something uniquely ours, that we each have a purpose and it’s up to us to put our lives in motion by using up what we’ve been gifted, taking action and creating our own lives?

Are we the deciders of our fate?

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Thankfulness Poem


Thankful Thursday week 2 and a poem…


Thank the Lord for Mama and my babe

For the sunrise each beautiful day

For our good health and our comfort zones

For the dream come true of work from home

Sweet Jesus and the angels above

For fun clients and work that I love

Sweet furballs that give our cheeks a lick

That backup truck when my car gets sick

The house in the country — can run free

America, though it’s not like it used to be

For a few freedoms in how we live

If we face our fears and take that risk

Abilities to accomplish dreams

I am thankful for all of these things


What are you thankful for?  In rhyme, or not.  :)


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Fall is in the Air! Yea!


Welcome back to Hump Day Haiku!  This is week 2.  So surprised I’ve done it two weeks in a row.  Ha!  Won’t you play along?


Fall is in the air

From the cool breeze to tree leaves

To apple pie flair


Won’t you play along?  The only rules to a haiku are

  1. 3 lines
  2. 5 syllables on the first line, 7 syllables on the second, 5 on the third.  Not words, but syllables.  It can rhyme or not.

A haiku is a short form of Japanese poetry.  A haiku uses just a few words to capture a moment and create a picture in the reader’s mind. It is like a tiny window into a scene much larger than itself.

Hope y’all are doing awesome!

*smooch*  :D


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Thankful Thursday – Week 1 – I LOVE YOU & I Think You’re Awesome!


I haven’t made a lot of time for blogging lately but I feel the need to at least do little snippets of blog posts so I thought Hump Day Haiku would be fun, quick and perhaps engaging with those of you who might want to play along.

And I guess Thursday will be for Thankfulness.

Trying to learn to be more mindful in each day, in each moment (something new I’m trying to teach myself) made me realize I want to be thankful in each moment, in each breath I take, with every beautiful thing I see and feel and experience.  Like the sky this morning.  It was an awesome sight!  Hauntingly romantic foggy mornings as the trees and flowers are beginning to wake from their slumber.  The way the sky is illuminated with shades of purple, pink and orange when the sun is slowly descending in the west.  The musical tones of the laughter that spills out of my beautiful daughter and adorable mother.  A sweet smile from a kind stranger as he passes by and the infectious giggles from those little kids over there talking about something just between them.

So much beauty and charm surrounds us on a daily basis but so many of us don’t see it.  We don’t notice.  We don’t pay attention.  We’ve learned to tune so much out.  Have you noticed?  You might be so completely surprised how your mood might be changed just by engaging with someone, have a conversation, smile at someone, allow someone with less groceries than you to go in front of you, say hello.  This not only benefits those around you as your positive energy resonates outward onto others, but this benefits you, as well.  One good feeling deserves another.  Keep that going and you are going to feel AMAZING at the end of your day.

Take time to be thankful to the one who created you and your life.  I actually sort of think we planned it all out with The Big Man before we came down here.  That’s another blog post but I think we chose our family, certain experiences we’d have — all in the spirit of strengthening our souls, we had things we wanted to learn, we wanted to build our character, we wanted to test ourselves, we wanted to grow our spirits.  Might not make sense, I don’t know.  It’s something I’ve felt since I was little.

Many bad things happen in our lives and we make mistakes, perhaps we have regrets.  I’ve screwed up a TON!  But, honestly, I only have one regret in my entire life.  I didn’t make up with my daddy after we’d had a disagreement and I’m so bad at holding grudges.  He’d moved on and was over it but I wasn’t.  I wanted to punish him by staying mad.

And then he died.

My daddy died so suddenly and unexpected and I’m afraid I’ll never completely heal from this.  Oh, I know he visits often and he’s forgiven me and that’s cool and everything.  I know he loves me and I’m forgiven but it’s not the same, you know?  I’ll never have that moment back to say I’m sorry to his face or at least make things happy again between us and not be angry with him before our last goodbye.

Another reason to be mindful.

So today, and every day, I am thankful.  I am thankful most of all for those I love and hold closest to my heart.  My answer to a life-long prayer = my daughter, who is also my best friend.  My mom, who has always loved me, even when I wasn’t loveable, who never left me, and whom I’m so proud of.  I’ve watched her grow soooo much over the years into the wonderful person she is today.  Mama, I could not be more proud of the lady you’ve become.  She’s also my best friend.

I’m thankful for so many things, and I don’t have all day long to list them all, and you don’t have all day to sit and read and I don’t want to cause you to fall asleep at your monitor so I’ll leave you with this — be thankful.  Not just for everything you have in your life, but especially for those people in your life that mean the most to you.  Always be happy with them before you say goodbye or good night, because it might be your last chance to ever see or speak to them again.  Speak to them with love.  Treat them with love.  Be sure in your soul they know you love them and they bring you happiness.  You’ll be so blessed by this and so will they.

What/who are you thankful for?

Another thing… I love you guys!  *smooches*



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Hump Day Haiku – Week 1 – Charcoal Skies

I may or may not have a haiku to offer each Wednesday, but today is the start of it.  I hope to make time to continue.  Won’t you play along?


The afternoon sun

Slumbers beneath charcoal sheets

Of bellowing clouds



I hope y’all are doing great!  Sorry I’ve been a bit absent lately.  Work, work, work and trying to finish my novel and running Hallie here, there and everywhere has taken the majority of my time.  Drop me a line and let me know what’s going on with you.  I do plan to eventually get back in the regular routine of blogging and reading yours once my book is finished, which should be SOON!  Love y’all!  *smooch*  :D