Day 3 of Reading the Bible in 365 Days

Genesis 8.  Been a long day, so 1 chapter is all we have time for.

At the end of the 150 days, the water had gone down and on the seventeenth day of the seventh month, the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat.  The waters continued to recede till the 10th month, then the tops of the mountains became visible.  Noah sent out a raven to fly back and forth till the water had dried from the earth.  Then he sent out a dove but it came back.  He sent it 7 days later and it came back that evening with an olive leaf in its beak.  7 days after that, he sent the dove again and it never returned, which told him the land was dry.

Eventually, God invited them to come out with all of the animals.  Noah built an altar to the Lord, took some clean animals and clean birds and sacrificed burnt offerings on it.   The LORD smelled the pleasing aroma and said in his heart: “Never again will I curse the ground because of man, even though every inclination of his heart is evil from childhood. And never again will I destroy all living creatures, as I have done. “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.”

Hallie says, “I wonder if there were unicorns on the ark.”  I’m thinking it could have been a possibility.  If Noah took some animals from the ark and sacrificed them, perhaps that’s the day unicorns became extinct?  It’s also a possibility that after all those long months on the ark, the animals could have procreated, making more of just 1 male and 1 female of each animal.  But was there room for more creatures to be born with all those that were already there?

Hallie and I think God would have instructed all the animals to wait until they were back on the earth before increasing in number.

What do you think?

Day 2 of Reading the Bible in 365 Days

Genesis Chapters 4, 5, 6 and 7.  Adam and Eve had Cain, then Abel.  Cain killed Abel and God cursed Cain and anyone who tried to kill Cain would suffer vengeance seven times over.  Cain moved to the land of Nod.  Cain and his wife had a child, naming him Enoch.  Cain built a city and named it after Enoch.  Several other people were born, wives entered the picture, to some men, more than one wife.  I won’t go through all the names of who begat who.  This is just the short and sweet version.

Adam and Eve had a third son, Seth.  Eve said that this third son was given to her in place of Abel, the son that Cain killed, but how is a child replaceable?  Adam also had many other sons and daughters after that.

Adam and many of the generations that followed lived hundreds of years, with Methuselah living the longest, at 969 years.  Noah, at the age of 500, became father to Shem, Ham and Japheth.

I’m confused by the passage that reads, “…the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose. ”  What are the sons of God?  Are they not man?  Human man?  And what about the daughters of humans?  Are they not the daughters of God?  This is perplexing as the majority of the Bible is completely confusing.  The Nephilim were on the earth in those days and also afterward when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.

What are the Nephilim?  Wikipedia says The Nephilim /ˈnɛfɨˌlɪm/ were the offspring of the “sons of God” and the “daughters of men” according to Genesis 6:4; and giants who inhabited Canaan according to Numbers 13:33. A similar biblical Hebrew word with different vowel-sounds is used in Ezekiel 32:27 to refer to dead Philistine warriors.

As for giants, bones have been found throughout the world showing proof that giants did once exist on the earth.  Seek out the pictures for yourself.  I have seen them.  Let me know if you need the links.

So, God decided instead of humans living hundreds of years, he shortened our sentence to 120 years.

With the earth being corrupt and full of violence, God planned to destroy the earth and every living thing except Noah and his family, his sons and daughters-in-law and 2 of every living creature (1 male and 1 female) and every kind of food.  Noah built the ark that God instructed, the creatures came, they all loaded up, God closed the door, the rains came for 40 days and 40 nights, destroying every living thing except those on the ark.  The waters flooded the earth for 150 days.

Hallie says, “I want to live 900 years.”  I don’t.  I would be happy with 100 or 120 years but by then, I’ll be ready to go.  It would be cool to witness your grandchildren, great grandchildren, great great grandchildren and to see how technology progresses, although with all the craziness, violence and poverty, I’m not sure that I want to be around for even 100 years.

Reading The Bible – Day 1 of 365

Our Bible study which is actually reading the Bible in 365 days begins with Genesis Chapters 1, 2 & 3.  This covers God creating light, separating light from darkness, creating the heavens, the earth, vegetation, trees, plants, all living creatures in the sky, water and land, creating man and woman.

A serpent/snake was hanging out in the Garden of Eden, which back then, had legs.  The serpent tempted Eve to eat from the one tree (of Knowledge of Good and Evil) that God commanded they not eat from.  God gave them everything else.  So Eve ate from the tree, tempted Adam to do the same, then Adam passes the buck when God questions him.  Adam blames Eve and so then, Eve passes the buck and blames the serpent.

God curses man and woman for all eternity and curses the snake to crawl on its belly and eat dust for eternity.

That’s the short of it.  I want to say that the serpent was Satan or the devil but I can find no reference that says that.  He was simply a serpent tempting Eve, possibly to sway her away from Adam, possibly to purposely defy God himself, but I’m not sure he was the devil, as God cursed all snakes for eternity and did not speak of cursing Satan specifically.

Hallie’s comments on today’s reading:

“So people are really stupid to defy God in his face, especially when he’s standing right there.”

And that’s it for today.  Looking forward to tomorrow’s reading and just wanted to say we are reading the Bible chronologically, so it will be in order of how everything occurred, not just from the beginning of the Book to the End, which I believe is the best way to read it – as it happened.

Just a Quickie

A quickie post/update.  What were you thinking?  ;)

I just wanted to drop in and say a few words.  Some of you may know what’s been going on.  Some may not, so just a quickie update as to why I haven’t been blogging lately.

Hallie had knee surgery Dec 26 so we have been very very busy.  She has been busy sleeping, eating, watching movies and trying to hobble around on her crutches.  I have been feeding her medicine every 4 hours and changing the ice for her knee, helping her in every way that I can.  She started physical therapy yesterday and we have to do those exercises at home twice a day, also.

Plus, I’ve had tons of work pouring in, so getting up in the wee hours of the morning and staying up late to get as much done as I can.  The dogs have needed to go out about every 15 minutes it seems.  I do not hardly have time to clean my house, no time for working on either book, no reading even though I took out 4 books on inter-library loan for research purposes.  I think I got to page 3 of one book.

I don’t know why I even thought I’d have time to read anything, much less write, much less clean.

Hallie is being a great patient, though, very thankful for all the help she’s receiving and keeping her sense of humor and staying her upbeat, happy self, considering she’s experiencing this pain, a level of pain I can’t possibly understand as I have never had any kind of surgery.

Anywho, just wanted y’all to know I think of y’all often but haven’t gotten a chance to get blogging.  Before Christmas was pretty insane, as well.  When things calm down a bit, I’ll get back to it, but that will probably not be for a few more weeks.  Trying to work from home full time plus be full-time mom is keeping me pretty busy, and it’s all good.  Just trying to stretch my schedule.  When I learn how to do that, I’ll let y’all know.

I hope you guys had an amazing Christmas and celebrated the birthday of Jesus (since without Him, there’d be no such thing as Christmas).  I hope you all were able to spend it with people you hold close to your heart.  For this new year of 2014, my wish and prayer is for all of us to be blessed with good health, loved ones to share our days with, good hearty belly laughter, silliness, happiness, prosperity and faith.

Love ya!  *smooch*


Nano Day 14

I’m here.  I’m still alive.  Deep in the thick dark muck of it, but I’m here.  Words, words and more words.  They are crowding in around me.  For a little while, the voices were mute.  They’d gone away for a while.  Now, it’s as if they are making up for lost time.  I cannot seem to type fast enough.  Yeah, maybe it’s a good thing.  It’s also a crazed thing.  See me trying to sit up at my desk typing my little, actually long, fingers to the bone, tap-tap-tapping away as fast as my brain is throwing this stuff out, or rather attempting, not fully executing the task, but I’m trying hard to keep up.  It’s like the Bionic Woman on crack, while still hung over from taking Benadryl the night before, so you see a crazed Bionic Woman on crack, one eye locked wide open and the other dazed and confused and sleeeeepy and not at all here in this world.

Hallie has escaped to her room hiding away from my funny eyes and drowning out my crazed typing with music playing on her iPod.  Yes, playing the same song over and over and over again.  It’s the only song she’s listening to right now.  It’s the only song either of us are listening to right now.  I try to play other music to drown out Lorde’s voice, but it’s not working.  You know, you do the same thing.  You find that one song and you completely fall head over tea kettle in love with it and cannot stop playing it and singing to it, no matter how tone death or off pitch you are.  You just cannot help yourself.  No worries.  I’m not judgy.  I do the same thing with London Grammar.  These two songs, I play over and over and over.  LOVE.  So, see Bionic Woman on crack, with weird looking shaky eyes and earmuffs to drown out the repetition.  Coffee?!  Yes, at 4:40 p.m.!  What of it?!      o_O

Ok, not really but it sounds good, doesn’t it?  Nothing sounds good right now, so I’m just sippin’ on a little H2O now and again.  Took another Benadryl about an hour ago, so I don’t know what I’ll be like in a short while.

I’m doing well with my word count for Nano.  I had been slothing it for a couple of days, but today, I’ve typed enough to make up for those two days and then some.  23,562 is where I am now.  So far, so good.  At this point, I’ll meet my goal by Nov 30.  Ugh!  If I could just wake up!  Man!  Hate to be out of it like this.

Anywho.  Let’s see.  Oh, badges.  Well, technically, the following do not serve as badges.  They are not badges you earn for your Nano page, but I’m claiming them as badges for my Nano blogging, because I earned them.  I’ll just call them decals.  If you earned them, post them to yours, too.  Not a big deal, but hey, anything that makes you feel like you are accomplishing your goals along the way, is a good thing.


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Ha!  So, that’s it, folks!  Hallie is playing that song again, the pint sized mutt is barking (hush up, Lilly Marge!!!) and I think the kiddo is ready for spaghetti, so I’m off to play in the real world for a little while.  Not sure if I told y’all, but I’m working on two books.  One is a fictional fantasy world (well, partly.  Part is real world.  Part is fantasy world) and the other book is nonfiction/self-help.

Wow, Hallie has come out and is now playing Etta James’ At Last.

I guess I can take off the earmuffs now.  ;)

Lata days!


Visit to Podunk

Well, besides the post from a little while ago with the new job, working from home, more time with my family, etc., we took a small road trip.  Maybe I should call it a day trip.  It all started with a story I was writing and the name of the town I came up with was Swampbottom, Mississippi.  I actually did a search to see if there was any such name in existence and found Swamp Bottom Restaurant in Poplarville.  Actually, it was listed in Poplarville, Mississippi, as well as Bogalusa, Louisiana, so I just typed in the address to my maps on my phone and it directed me where to go.  I did call first to be sure of what their hours of operation were.  Packed Mama and Hallie in the car and took off.

We had imagined, with a name like Swamp Bottom, it had to have a swamp close by, maybe Spanish moss hanging down from the trees, a restaurant front full of welcome, romance and intrigue.  Right?  What do you envision when you hear the name Swamp Bottom?  I read some reviews on the restaurant and they claimed to not only have a wonderful menu filled with seafood, burgers, poboys, and not only that, but breakfast was served, and they talked of how part of the restaurant was a store which had many food items in stock to purchase, and they had daily entertainment with a Cajun band or else Cajun music was played to fill the restaurant with that zydeco ambiance loved by so many.  Me, not so much, but many, nonetheless.  I was only looking forward to the scene, the vision of the restaurant and maybe swamp, and see if the food was worth the trip.  Well…

We drive for a little over 2 hours to get there and the map leads us to this place called Crossroads.  Now, let me remind you, I did call them.  A woman answered and with a raspy, smoker’s voice, she said, “Hello?”

I said, “Om, is this the Swamp Bottom Restaurant?”  Because usually when you call a place of business, they answer with the business name, right?  Wrong.

“Oh yes,” they said.  “This is Swamp Bottom.”

To which I said, “Oh good.  Can you tell me your days and hours of operation, please?”  So, I truly believed this would be a great visit to an interesting place.  I mean, I had come up with this great town name and found it to be a restaurant.  It was meant for me to go there, right?

We get to the correct address and see the sign that says Crossroads.  No Swamp Bottom.  No spanish moss.  No swamp.  Maybe a half acre lot.  Just a boring grassy and gravel lot just off the road with some sort of snow cone shack built to the left of it.  No frills.  No thrills.  Just a lack luster wood frame small shack of a restaurant and did not feel welcoming at all.  I call again.

Again, with the raspy smoker’s voice, she answers, “Hello?!”  Obviously, not in the happiest of moods.  Perhaps she’s been pulling too many shifts?  I doubt it.  I’m sure she was not so busy waiting on tables, she didn’t have time to go out for her usual smoke.  There was no one there.  I mean, no customers.  No cars.

I ask, “Is this Swamp Bottom Restaurant?  I’m parked outside and I have the correct address, but the sign says Crossroads.”

“Yeah, the same people work here though.  It was just bought out from the previous owner and we changed the name is all.  Everything else is the same.”

“So y’all serve breakfast?”  I ask this, because it’s not quite 11:00 and I was curious as there were no cars.

“No, we don’t serve breakfast.  Why?  You want breakfast?!”

“Om, not really.  I simply saw online where y’all served breakfast.”

“No, we no longer serve breakfast!  We open at 11:00!”

So, we drive around the podunk town and see nothing but fields and pastures and old houses.  Maybe a home owned tire company.  An old expired gas station turned into a minute mart that didn’t look frequented.  We drove down one road for about 5 minutes just to see what we could see, which wasn’t much of anything, and then back and it was 11:00.  Oh my.  A truck drove up to the entrance just before we did.  Does this mean they have good food?

We walk in and there’s a sign that says “Please wait to be seated” and no one comes to seat us, so we stand there for a few minutes.  Someone ventures out of the kitchen to tell us to, “just sit anywhere ya want.”

Is that zydeco music I hear?  Real cajun music?  No.  There is no band.  There is no piped in music, either, so we sit in silence, which is fine, I guess.  Mama, Hallie and I look at each other as if we are all sorely disappointed.  I had actually thought of asking them if they wanted to look for something else, that this restaurant is obviously not what we were expecting nor looking for.  But, I figured I’d give it the benefit of the doubt and tried to be hopeful for mouthwatering food.  I mean, no romantic, welcoming, picturesque view of the restaurant didn’t mean the food wouldn’t be awesome.  I could skip all the ambiance as long as the food was memorable.  Boy.  Was it memorable!

We get the menu and there’s not much to it.  Some of the things we were expecting from reading the online reviews weren’t even on the menu.  The prices were kind of high considering we were in Podunk.  Oh, I mean Poplarville.  And who knew we’d go through all these places to get there.  We drove through Little Rock.  I thought Arkansas was further north.  And we drove through Sandy Hook.  Seems like there was another place normally found in New York, but I guess I don’t care enough to remember, or either I’m trying to block out the entire experience.

We finally decided on chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes.  Hallie got fried shrimp and french fries.  Let me just say the only thing that was worth the use of our taste buds was the root beer we ordered.  You can’t mess up bottled root beer, right?  This restaurant experience had us crying in our beer.  Ok, maybe I’m a bit melodramatic, but honestly, I figure the only reason they are still in business is because they are the ONLY restaurant within a 20+ mile radius and those people who live in this podunk town have never been exposed to the more worldly flavors exhibited at most other small town restaurants, including the likes of McDonald’s, which I don’t frequent myself, but would have been overjoyed had we eaten there instead of wasting our hard earned money at this place.

Oh, and sorry I didn’t have a photo to share.  It wasn’t worth taking my camera out of my purse.  By the way, not only were the online reviews of this place completely exaggerated, but they only had maybe 4 different kinds of desserts that did not look appetizing, and the so-called store did not consist of anything they said they had online.  All we saw was a small glass case next to the register filled with a few, a small few, candy bars, and a small refrigerator behind us in front of the register that held the plated single servings of those few so-called desserts.  Perhaps this is a rather harsh post and review of Crossroads, but I’m just telling you that you should NOT believe all the hype you may hear about a place online.  With that said, feel free to take my opinion with a grain of salt and go take a gander at this place.  Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.  If you happen to drive past Crossroads, be sure to cross that road, keep looking for the next road, and the next, and the next, until maybe you will come across some other podunk restaurant.  I hope they will be better.


Are ya singin’?  I knew I’d been offline for a little while, but didn’t realize it was over a month.  Sorry.  Again.  I have been so busy trying to adjust my new schedule, and just hangin’ out with my kiddo, since she’s out for summer.  I have undergone many changes in my life and it’s exciting, nerve-wrecking, as well as relaxing most days.  So what have I been doing?  Well, I turned in my 2 weeks notice to the monster boss.  Yes!!!  I had been with that place for a little over a year, no insurance, no retirement plan, and was promised a raise after 4 or 6 months.  Never got one.  The girl who had been there 2 years had never received a raise.  Now, she has resigned, as well.  She and I both deserved better.  We deserve to be appreciated.  I can learn to go without medical insurance, as I’m a pretty healthy person, thank the Lord.  Hallie is covered under her dad’s insurance.  Plus, I can always go to the VA if I have to, but usually when I do get sick, I just wait it out and get better naturally, with a few days time.  Retirement plan?  I will have to reestablish one eventually, but no time soon.

So, my last day with that company was May 21st and oh, what a joyful day that was!!  When the leaving part of the day came, I mean.  No more 30-40 minute commutes there and 30-50 minute commutes home, depending on traffic, of course.  I was paying anywhere from $50 to $75 every 4 days for gas alone.  No more of that.  Hallie is out of school for the summer, so no 20 minute commutes to school and then 20 minutes back + the commute to work.  We can sleep late, which means no getting up at 4:00 or 4:30am.  Joy!  It all started with a little conversation I had with God…

I was struggling.  Really struggling to find another job.  I could not understand why I could not find something else.  I was miserable working for the monster boss, being intimidated by him, his making me and the other girl cry on several occasions.  Can you say Jerkwad?!  Well, he was one.  I’m sure he still is, but not my problem.  Anywho, I reached a point where eventually I went off on him when he talked down to me as if I was a stupid person.  You take it long enough and eventually you just blow up!  I said, “I’d appreciate it if you did NOT talk to me like that!”  I think it kind of scared him.  He was speechless for once.  When I just blurted it out, it kind of scared me, too.  I was afraid I’d get fired, but at that moment, I halfway didn’t care.  I was not going to take that anymore.  So, he became a tiny bit nicer.  Some days, it even seemed as if he took a bottle of nice pills.  SOME days.  Go figure.  I reached a point where I believed I learned how to deal with people like him.  And let me tell you, I’ve worked for some devils.  I used to work in law firms if that tells you anything.  Attorneys are a different breed of people.  They just are.  This monster boss, however, was the worst ever.  And he wasn’t even an attorney!

I also realized that I’d been sent to that office to befriend the other girl that worked there.  At first, she had her walls up higher than mine if you can figure that.  I thought I was the most untrusting person on the planet.  Nope.  She would not let me in.  Those walls were fortress strong.  She was going through some personal issues and I was so worried about her and tried to reach out, but she was not going to give an inch.  Months passed.  Eventually, her walls started to weaken.  Slowly.  We did become great friends, confiding in each other, hugging, crying together, and just being there for one another.  She’s a special person.  I knew she needed me.  I also realized I needed her.

So, finally, after getting turned down for jobs I’d applied to and some of them just ignored me altogether, I prayed a very specific prayer.  For me, praying is more or less a friendly or not so friendly conversation with God, depending on my mood and frustration at the time.  It might be disrespectful to complain to him and talk angrily to him, ignore him, etc., but one thing God does appreciate is your authenticity.  I’m not going to pretend to be all sweet to him when I’m pissed off at him.  At least I’m honest with him and he knows it.  I do later apologize for my rudeness and hateful attitude.  My conversation went something like this:

“God, I think I know why you sent me here.  I needed to learn how to deal with extremely difficult people, as if I haven’t already, and you sent me the most difficult of all.  I learned how to deal with him instead of constantly fight against him and hate his guts.  I learned to not hate him.  I think you also sent me here to become friends with (I’ll call her…) Sarah, because we would both benefit greatly from a friendship and we needed each other to grow.  You sent me here to grow, and I realize growth is good for living.  Growth is not always comfortable.  It’s pretty uncomfortable for the most part.  And I do feel I’ve grown in many ways here.  However.  No insurance.  No retirement plan.  No raise in the 1 year plus that I’ve been here.  No future here.  Long commute and gas is expensive.  I miss my kid.  I chose to be a parent because I wanted to raise her, not just pop her out and let her fend for herself or let someone else care for her while I’m at work all day and only spend 2 hours a night and weekends with her.  I want to raise my child.  I know it’s pretty slim to find a chance to work from home, but I’ll do anything, as long as it’s legal and it pays the bills, as long as I get to raise my kid.  I want time with her before it’s too late and she’s gone off to college.  I want more time to cook healthy meals.  Time to clean my house.  Time to finish my book.  Just tell me why I’m still here.  There’s nothing left here for me to learn.  There are no further ways in which to grow at this hellhole.  Please help.  I don’t know what to do at this point.  Please help.”

Once I said that and got it off my chest, I felt a little lighter, although still anxious and a bit angry with him, because I felt sort of like he wasn’t listening to all my earlier prayers.  I felt he was ignoring me.  But when I had that conversation, I felt he was actually listening.  I was hopeful he was listening.  I actually said the prayer out loud at the office, while everyone was gone to lunch.  It felt better saying it out loud rather than saying it inside my head.  I had to get it outside of myself if that makes sense.

Not even a week passed, and I received an answer to my prayer.  I was contacted by this online company with an invitation to interview for a job I did not even apply for, although I’m registered with the company.  I interviewed and was hired.  I started out working 10 hours a week while still keeping my day job and when he promised he’d give me 30 hours a week, I put in my 2 weeks notice at the office.  Now, I’m home.  I’m hanging out with Hallie, sleeping in later, not late, but later.  Hallie gets to sleep in a bit later than me.  More time with our pets.  More time to cook healthy meals, so Mama comes over more often to have supper and hang out with us.  Money to pay the bills.  Working through my computer.  No commutes.  Hardly even paying for gas.  More time to clean.  More time to write.  Life is good.

More to follow…

Skipped Out On My Own Invitation


No need to post what week of 52 this is, since I dropped the ball on posting weekly.  Oh well.  I felt bad at first not following through, but I’ve let it go, since there are only so many hours in a day to get it all done.  Too much goin’ on lately, so focusing on the most important stuff first.

So, what’s been happenin’?  Well, as many of you know, I was participating in the Camp Nanowrimo, which is a virtual camp that participants join in April (and there’s another in July) to write a novel, short stories, poems, scripts, what have you.  My goal was to write a novel and reach 50,000 words.  You only have the 30 days alloted during April and you have to submit by 11:59pm April 30 to see if you are a winner.  I won!  As did a couple of my friends!!  Yea!

So, now that that’s done, or that part is done, I’ve put my novel on a back burner to focus on this new job I was presented with.  Wonderful new job!  Flexible hours, the same money as I make now per week, plus less gas I need to buy, plus less hours, plus no one to jerk me around daily, oh, I just can’t stop about the perks, but I’ll stop anyway.  It’s a great deal, but it’s also scary as H-E-double hockey sticks.  Ya know, any time ya take a risk, it’s pretty dang scary.  And good stress is still stress.  So, anyway, I gave my two weeks notice to my current day job while still working for this other job for about 10 or so hours per week.  My last day with the blegh job is May 22 and I’m soooo excited.  I get to pick my sweet baby up from school on her last day and every day for the next school year.  I get to spend quality time with her during the summer, and I cannot wait!!

So, that’s a bit about what’s been going on.

Above, you see an image of my beautiful mother. She’s such a sweetheart!  She’s one of my best friends in the world!  We hang out every chance we get, and this was the Saturday before Mother’s Day.  She and I decided we’d treat each other to an early Mother’s Day meal out at our favorite restaurant!  Saltgrass Steakhouse!  Oh baby!  Hallie pitched in some of her allowance for the meal for our Mother’s Day gift, as well.  We have to drive like 3 hours to get to this place, but it’s so worth it.  Every mouthwatering bite!  Plus, ya know, we are always up for a roadtrip, a daytrip, any kind of trip trip.  I love to drive and my girls love to ride.  It’s just so relaxing to drive and look at all the sights, and shop at our favorite stores, although we went into our favorite store and some old ladies were working in there, following us around, stalking us, forcing stuff on us and we walked out.  Never have we left that store without a purchase.  First time for everything.  We were very disappointed, and I plan to send a complaint to their website and see if it makes a difference.  You should not hound the shoppers!  Grrrr!  But, we shopped around at some other shops, took some shots of ourselves in a photo booth – Cute and Fun!  And also found a new Panera Bread that just opened up down there.  Oh, all this was in Bossier City and Shreveport, Louisiana – 3 hours away from where we live.  It was an awesome day!  We left at 7am and got home at 7pm.

Sunday was a stellar day!  The weather could not have been more beautiful.  Sun shining, breeze blowing, warm enough for shorts, but almost too chilly for shorts depending on how hard the wind was blowing.  I told God, “You really made this a perfect weather day.  I could be happy in temps like this every day!”  I can’t remember the last weekend before this one where we did not get rained out!  So, we thoroughly enjoyed our Blue Sky Holiday!  Mama slow cooked some roast, mashed up some taters, fixed a salad, and we were in hog heaven at her house just hangin’ out and chowin’ down.

I hope all you sweet mommies out there had a memorable and wonderful Mother’s Day, as well.

I’ll head on over to my 101 things and update that in a second.  Let me get to prayer requests.  What did I forget?  Anything?  Let me know.  Oh, and when my life gets back to some sort of normalcy next week, as I’m working on my new daily schedule now, setting everything up, I will also get back to finishing my novel, and then I can update you on how that’s going.

Y’all have a beautiful day!  Love ya!


Oh, last post, I invited y’all over Sunday and I didn’t even show up.  I am pitiful!  One day, I will have my rear in gear and be organized.  One day…

Prayer Requests:

1) For Mama to be healed and feel good again.  She’s been feeling sick for months and has a dr’s appt coming up.  Let the doc tell her it’s something easily fixable with diet and exercise, not eating certain foods, etc.
2) For this new opportunity I’ve been granted work out for the greater good.
3) Please pray for Jennefer about her new job, and let it be as awesome as she is, and let her transition from one job to this next one be much smoother than she anticipated.
4) Please pray for Sherree to quickly be able to follow her heart and dreams.
5) Please pray for Carlie to be safe and well.
6) Please pray for Carlie to come by sometime and let us know she’s ok.
7) Please pray for Patrick to find the woman of his dreams, fall in love and get married. Pray he finds her this year.

Sorry, Been MIA

P1120405Let me start off by apologizing for leaving hi and dry.  I joined in with this Camp NaNoWriMo project, which went from April 1 through April 30.  My goal was to write a novel and reach at least 50,000 words by the deadline and I reached it this morning, and then some.  So, yea!  I reached my goal!  Woooohoooo!  However, now I will need some time to revise, finish, revise again, polish, etc.  I’m hoping this will not take too long, and I suppose I could and should get back to blogging.P1120403

A buddy of mine joined me in the Camp Nano race as we cheered each other on.  He’s awesome!  He reached the finish line a few days before me, but he was waiting for me at the end.  Thanks, Gerry!

Anyway, just wanted to apologize.  I left and I suppose I didn’t explain why and when I’d return.  And I’m back, so I’ll get back to my weekly postings and updates this weekend – back to a more normal posting schedule.  Just thought I’d let you know.

And thanks to those friends out there that knew about it and cheered me on!  I appreciate you so much!  Well, I just really appreciate all of you.  It’s always pretty awesome to have a nice circle of friends and I would most certainly include each of you in that circle.  So, thanks, to each of you for your friendship.  And I’ll try to be better at regular weekly postings from now on, unless of course, I join in with another Camp Nanowrimo (I think there’s another one in July) or regular original Nanowrimo (which is always held in November).  But I’ll give you a heads up first, k?  K.

Just posting a sweet pic of my babe as she’s half asleep in the car on the way to school one morning.  Yes, I snap and drive.  Sorry to all of you early commuters out there sharing the roadways with me.  ;)

Hope y’all have a groovilicious day!  *love, hugs and smooches*  ;)


Beautiful Morning

Week 13 of 52

Ok, so maybe not a beautiful morning for today’s morning, since it’s raining off and on all day long.  But it was a beautiful morning yesterday when we witnessed this sunrise  on the way to school.  We thought it was cool the way the jet was streaming through the clouds.  ;)  Wanted to post the coolest Easter egg that Hallie painted, but I suppose I downloaded those pics already to my home computer.  This sunrise shot was still on my memory card in my camera, so I’m using this one instead.

An okay week last week.  Carlie is still gone and we are sad and missing her like crazy.

We are a little behind on our 21-day meditation challenge, as we skipped the weekend, but started it back up on Monday.

Started Camp Nanowrimo on April 1st!  My daily word count goal is 2,000, so I will hopefully have roughly 60,000 by the end of April 30. So far, so good!  I hope and pray I can keep this momentum going.  I’ve been really blessed with some free time at work to imagine and type.  Not all days are like that.  Today is another free day, so hopefully I can get my daily writing/typing done before leaving work today.  The last couple of days, I start out early in the morning, then do more at work, especially on my lunch hour, then finish at night.  My friend, Gerry, is also participating in Camp Nano and we are encouraging each other.  Anybody else joining in?  It’s not too late to join in if you like.  Let me know if you do and I will be sure to cheer you on daily!  Encouragement from your friends helps sooooo much!  It helps me for sure.  Keeps me going.  Keeps me strong!

So, how are you?  What’s been going on in your world?

Hopefully, I will remember to go update my 101 things in 1001 days in just a moment.  Nothing really new going on.  Just sort of went into hiding once April 1 got here.  I am determined to finish this 50,000 word count goal.  It’s a really fun story – adventure/fantasy/sci-fi novel for young adults.  It’s the first in a series.  I haven’t mapped out how many books, as of yet.  I do know for sure that there will be three.  I’ve only mapped out the first book and not fully.  The second and third books in the series are only stacks of typed and written notes.  Half of me is a planner, and half of me is a pantser.  It’s more fun flying by the seat of my pants, but it can also be stressful.  It’s especially fun when you plan a story and then it takes on a life of its own and takes over your mind.  Right now, it plays like a movie in my head, and that’s when the writing is at its easiest, although my mind flies faster than my fingers, in which case I have to speak into my handheld, which I completely detest, as I cannot stand to hear my own voice.  Especially when I play it back.  Do I really sound like that to everyone?  Is my southern drawl that bad?  Yuck!  Yes, I get on my own nerves.

I’d much rather just type and scribble and never speak!  No.  Really.  I would not make a good platform when it comes to being a published author, especially if I’m a real success at it, because I would avoid public appearances and functions at all costs.  I would love to have all my stories published and for people to love them, but I’d like to hide behind my pen name, and live as a recluse in a house in the middle of 100+ acres, completely shielded by trees, and for no one to recognize me, and for no one to recognize my name.  If I could get away with that, I’d attempt to publish everything I have written.  Or at least the stuff I’m most proud of.  Is that crazy?  I don’t care if it is.  I soooo love my privacy, and I do not enjoy the social scene at all.  I remember a time when I loved to go out with my friends and party all the time.  Back before, during, and a little while after my Air Force days.  Now that I’m a mom, I am a homebody and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I’ve had all the partying days I wish to have.  Been there.  Done that.  Don’t miss it.  I should probably spend more time with my friends (and I try to once per month), but truth be told, I’d rather be home, comfy, hangin’ out with my kiddo, and having Mama over as much as possible.  And if not at home, I’d prefer to be on the road, driving to some nifty vacation spot, taking photos and enjoying the sights and activities and food from that place.

Anywho, I realize I’m rambling, so I’ll shut up now. Let me just add the prayer requests:

Y’all just holla when ya have a prayer request, and please pray for those below, if ya don’t mind.

1) Please pray for Kristie and David, for comfort and peace.
2) Please pray for Jennefer about her job, as well as her co-workers. Please pray that her co-workers to treat her with love and kindness.
3) Please pray for Sherree to quickly sell her house.
4) Please pray for Carlie to be safe and well.
5) Please pray for Carlie to come by sometime and let us know she’s ok.
6) Please pray for Mama to get well and feel good again.
7) Please pray for Patrick to find the woman of his dreams, fall in love and get married. Pray he finds her this year.
8) Please pray that I reach my 2,000 word count goal each day of the month during April.

I’m hoping that you had an awesome week, you have an awesome day and the rest of your week is fantastique!  Love ya!!!  *smooch* ;)